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Q: Does VA offer any assisted living help?

A: All questions about assisted living arrangements should be addressed to the Social Work Department at your nearest VA medical facility. They can provide information about services or other assistance available through VA and/or your local community. (Source:


The following organizations can provide listings of accredited housing and assisted living facilities for seniors:

Assisted Living Federation of America

Phone: 703.894.1805

Elder Abuse:

You can usually find your local Elder Abuse program under the Human Services section of your phone book, or you can report suspected abuse by calling 800-677-1116


American Association of Retired Persons

Phone: 1-800-424-3410

VA Help:

To see if you are eligible for V.A. help, go to V.A. Web site

Questions About Medicare?

Questions about Medicare?
Phone: 1-800-633-4227

Questions About Medicaid?

Medicaid information is usually listed under the Human Services section of your local phone book

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Assisted Living Facilities For Military Veterans
Assisted Living Directory iconSummary:   This page is dedicated to listing assisted living facilities in the United States that are geared toward caring for our military veterans. There are almost 24 million veterans in the US, and 3.5 million of these veterans are over the age of 65.
Written By:  - Founder/Editor for Assisted Living Directory

Veterans Who Need Assisted Living: The number of military veterans in the United States is over 23.7 million.

[Video] Does The VA Pay For Assisted Living?
Video Produced by Assisted Living Directory
Our short video tutorial will answer a common set of questions: 1) Does the VA pay for Assisted Living Care 2) What might the Veteran's Administration pay for and 3) Where should I turn for help?

This is a staggering number, especially when you consider that many of our veterans are seniors, or soon to become

seniors and retirees. The number of veterans with a disability is over 6.1 million and more than half this number (3.5 million) are 65 and older. The number of military veterans needing assisted living in the United States will most certainly grow in the coming years, as will the need for appropriate assisted living and senior care options for this group.

Additionally, the need for assisted living for veterans under the age of 65 is growing due to injuries or the need for incidental medical care.

Many veterans feel more at ease and at home sharing their time with other military veterans who have shared some of the same experiences that they have, and in an environment that honors their service in the military. In the example of Wakefield Place assisted living (below), this facility is decorated with military-themed artwork, memorabilia, and flags.

This page is dedicated to listing assisted living facilities geared towards caring for our military veterans. If you know of such a facility that is not listed here, please let us know and we will be pleased to add it. Intro by

Featured Facilities, Videos, Services and Assistance for Veterans

[Video Tour] Falcons Landing Military Retirement Community

A video tour of Falcons Landing - home to retired military officers, their spouses and surviving spouses

[Video] Overview of VA disability compensation and how to apply

This is an excellent video by the US Department of Veterans Affairs

Resident Room

VA residents welcome in Austin Texas!

Small intimate licensed assisted living home in north Austin welcomes VA residents. We have cozy apartments available at an affordable price. Most of our residents rent is paid by Soc Security and Aid and attendance benefits Austin North Assisted Living.

More Information
& Contact Austin North Directly!

Veterans help for assisted living

Free Consultation and Personal Help for Veterans Looking For Assisted Living

Our highly experienced senior care consultants can help you to navigate VA regulations, and to find what senior care or assisted living facilities are available in your area appropriate and suitable for US military veterans.

Thank you for serving our country. We are looking forward to helping you, and answering your questions! This is a free service.

Assisted Living Directory   has helped 1000's of families (including our own!) to connect with great care facilities! You can read our personal experience here!

[Video] Veterans, Spouses and Widows - VA Benefits To Help With Assisted Living

An interesting news story about the VA Aid & Attendance Pension that states that if you are a Veteran, a surviving spouse, or a widow, you may be eligible for VA benefits to help pay for the cost of assisted living and nursing home costs.

Apparently, many people and veterans are not aware of this benefit, so it's a good video to check out if you are unsure of what your beneifts are.

[Video Tour] Mission Ridge Assisted Living supporting our Veterans!

A lovely clip of a Veteran's celebration at an assisted living facility in Billings, Montana. (406) 655-5200

care home exterior

Pendley Personal Care Home for Veterans - Augusta, GA

Pendley Personal Care Home Assisted living located on Central Avenue.

Premier Veterans home in the community.

More Information
& Contact Pendley Personal Care Home Directly!

Assisted Living Facilities & Caregiver Support For Veterans


facility information

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National Resource Directory

National Resource Directory for Veterans

The National Resource Directory is a great all-around Government site/resource that offers information on housing, caregiver support and information on Benefits and Compensation. There are several numbers listed that you can call to ask questions, as well as a search/drop-down (right sidebar) that allows you to search for services specifically by state.

Christian Care Centers - Texas (Multiple Locations)


Delaware - Milford - Delaware Veterans Home Assisted Living

100 Delaware Veterans Blvd.
Milford, DE 19963-5395
State Licensed Beds: 30

Florida - Lake City - Robert H. Jenkins, Jr. Veterans' Domiciliary Home

"The Robert H. Jenkins, Jr. Veterans' Domiciliary Home of Florida opened in 1990. This 150-bed assisted living facility provides a special combination of housing, personalized support services, and incidental medical care to its veteran residents."
751 SE Sycamore Terrace
Lake City, Florida 32025
Phone: (386)758-0600

Florida - Orlando - Welcome Home Veterans & Widows Of Veterans

Sand Lake Assisted Living Facility was created in 2009 by Veterans for Veterans. We are a Six Bed Florida licensed (AL11561) Affordable Assisted Living Facility not a Large Costly Noisy Nursing Home. Since we are small we can provide a personal one on one touch with our residents Our medical staffs and caregiver's are all background checked and medically trained to provide the best care and support 24 hours day. Our facility is designed to make the veteran's or the widow's feel like they where living in their own home but with all the amenities and assistance they may need to maintain an active lifestyle. They say they feel like the are on vacation all year long because everything is provided for them from Home cooked meals, Laundry Services, Housekeeping, Grooming, Bathing, Toileting, Medication Monitoring, Bingo Nights, Trips to Stores & Restaurants and a Fun Social life with others their age. They love it beats being home all alone!

Our goal is to help the resident stay as independently active as possible, mentally, and physically so they may enjoy life to the fullest. Sand Lake Assisted Living Facility is a place they will love to call home while receiving the attention and loving care in a peaceful relaxing Home! We work closely with many agencies like the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Department of Elder Affairs to insure that the Veteran or Spouse receives the very best help and support they deserve.

Sand Lake ALF

Give us a call at 407-854-4018

St. Petersburg FL Assisted Living for Veterans

Veterans assisted living home

450 41st Ave S
St Petersburg, FL 33705
(727) 459-5929
"Personalized Service in a Residential/Family Setting"

Illinois Veterans Homes for Seniors

Veterans Housing for Seniors in Illinois

Learn how to find housing for Veterans in Illinois, including eligibility information, how to apply for a grant, cost of care, and more!
More Information


Lancaster Veteran's Home

Phone: (661) 974-7035
Facility Number: 197607726
Facility Capacity: 60

Maryland - Charlotte Hall - Assisted Living &Domiciliary Care at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home

Charlotte Hall Veterans Assisted Living

Charlotte Hall Veterans Home provides a continuum of long term care to its residents, from Assisted Living, to specialized Skilled Nursing, to care for those with Alzheimer’s disease. Charlotte Hall Veterans Home provides an Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing long-term care facility for Maryland Veterans and eligible spouses who are unable to take care of themselves due to age or disability. Listed below are the eligibility requirements for admission:

 Honorably discharged veteran of the United States Armed Forces
or the legal spouse of a veteran eligible to be admitted to Charlotte Hall*
 Maryland resident
 Age 62 or older, unless disabled and unable to work

Charlotte Hall Veterans Home
29449 Charlotte Hall Road
Charlotte Hall, MD 20622

Montana Veterans Homes

Montana's Senior and Long Term Care Division offers a page listing their Senior Veterans Homes information. Did you know that "Montana's veterans account for about 16% of the adult population, and only three other states have as high a percentage of veterans?"

Sycamores Terrace Retirement Community

 Assisted Living for Veterans
1427 Lebanon Pike
Nashville, TN 37210
(615) 242-2412

Search Tool for Finding Long Term Care for Veterans in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee's Area Agency on Aging and Disabiltiy has a great search tool that has a category specifically for Veterans. When I did a statewide search, and chose the 'Veterans' service category, a good number of long-term care facilities offering care for Veterans came up. Choices also included those for Alzheimer's and memory care. You can view this great tool here: Website

Wisconsin - Liberty Village of Tomah

"Liberty Village Assisted Living (A 52-Unit Facility) accepts assistance from the Aid and Attendance Veterans Program and provides a 10% discount off the base rent for all Veterans who qualify."

Teilman and Cal Assisted Living - Fresno CA

Teilman and Cal Assisted Living is a newly established assisted living facility, located at 2038 S. Teilman Avenue, Fresno Cal. 93706, in the South West part of Fresno. We serve senior veterans of the armed forces

With only six residents, we are able to offer quality care and supervision 24/7, with a licensed LVN in residence.

Frances Heller
frances.heller @

Wisconsin Statewide - How To Identify Assisted Living Geared Towards Veterans

The State of Wisconsin's Department of Health has a great tool that allows you to search for assisted living statewide - as well as a number of other senior care categories and options, such as hospice, Dementia care and Alzheimer's care. This tool allows you to sort/specify for assisted living providers for Veterans in Wisconsin.

VA Caregiver Support

Caregiver Support for Veterans and their families

Assisted Living isn't always an immediate option or it may take some time to find the right facility or community. You may be caring or "caregiving" for a Veteran at home, and may need support, advice or just someone to talk to. This government service and site can connect you with a caregiver, and offer local assistance by licensed professionals near where your home is. This group of caring professionals can:

  • Tell you about the assistance available from VA.
  • Help you access services and benefits.
  • Connect you with your local family Caregiver Support Coordinator at a VA medical center near you.
  • Just listen, if that's what you need right now.

VA's Caregiver Support Line
Call toll-free to 1-855-260-3274

Assisted Living Facilities For Military Veterans; Senior & Long Term Care

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