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ALTCS and Covering The Cost of Long-Term Care: Our Survey of Arizona Facilities & How To Find Communties That Accept ALTCS

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How To Find Medicaid Certified Assisted Living: Arizona Statewide


How To File A Complaint Against An Arizona Facility: Quickly & Anonymously

The 10 Most Common Facility Citations: A Few Surprises Here

Our Top Advice for Anyone Searching For Assisted Living

Facility Inspections & Citations - Arizona


Median daily and monthly

Arizona Assisted Living Homes Association (AALHA):

Phone: 1-888-400-9044
P.O. Box 21752
Mesa, AZ 85215

Elder Abuse:

Report suspected abuse by calling 800-677-1116

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Local Arizona Senior Care Help

Nita, an Arizona Senior Care and Assisted Living advisor.Hello, My name is Nita I am a certified and local senior care advisor. I am based in Arizona, and I am here to answer your questions!

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Facility Questionnaire - A Printable (.pdf) of Important Questions To Ask Facilities

Assisted Living Definition & Description [Video]

Sanitation In Facilities - Regulations, Staff Training and Reporting

St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center - Phoenix:
Phone: (602) 406-3000

Assisted Living Tidbits for Phoenix:

An interesting question we received through our site - unfortunately we were not able to accommodate his request - but it was something for us to consider/think about in the future! It read:

"I was wondering if you had a list of speakers who talk to different groups in the Phoenix area about how to find the right assisted living facility. I am the program chair for the Tempe, Arizona chapter of NARFE (National Active and Retired Federal Employee Association. Most of our members are retired federal employees. We have about 400 members in our chapter, from which 30 to 60 regularly attend our monthly meetings. "
- Robert

Great questions that we have received about some of the assisted living facilities in the Phoenix area that can serve as examples of the types (and thoroughness) of questions that you might consider asking facilities that you are interested in:

1) Is this facility a (locked facility) as the doctor stated? My Father has Alzheimer's and requires 24 hour care.
2) What types of insurance do you accept or what type of payments are required?
3) Can you give an estimated annual cost for care services?

Q: Interested in assisted living options and prices. What ages are cared for in your home? Do you care for young men with disabilities?

Q: I am looking for a home to place my parents in. We would prefer a 1 bedroom with kitchen and amenities. Also looking for somewhere that offers extra curricular activities etc. Could you please send me more info including price, conditions etc. We want to place them ASAP.

Q: What are your rates for an 81 year old man on oxygen 24/7. He can bathe himself and dress. He needs meals prepared, laundry and house keeping.

Q: We are interested in finding out information about placement procedures .for a 39 year old male who has progressive MS. Are all of the ADL's performed, is there a nurse staffed for medication dispensing including shots? Visitation, financial informational, transportation for medical needs and appointments, information would be appreciated. He is currently on Medicare, has his own motorized wheelchair and is certified for Dial-A-Ride. Is there room available for another resident? Timeframe for placement?

Q: My brother is now in an independent living situation in Phoenix. He is a stroke survivor and still gets around very well all things considered. My major concern is that he has a problem remembering to take his meds. He states the food where he is is next to un-edible. I have been there to visit his facility but have not eaten there. Seems like a nice facility, however, we would like him closer to us.

Q: I would like more info on your senior care home. I will be moving my mother here in the near future and am making inquiries into places near our home.

Q: I would like to know if you have a place for my 94 year old mother. I would also like to know how much it is per month plus any other fees.

We always recommend getting any quotes about costs and additional fees in writing so there is no confusion later - ALD

Q: My husband has moderate Alzheimer's Disease. He cannot live on his own, and caring for him is causing medical problems for me. I'm seeking information as to your admissions criteria. He is a retired Navy veteran, 70 years old, in good health except for the Alzheimer's. Thank you.

Q: My mother is 88 and in fairly good health. Her only income is social security and we are needing to find a living option for her in the Phoenix area, which will require some sort of subsidy. I am not sure what options she may have. I am not able to keep her in my home now, as I am housing my daughter and grandkids. What is the average cost one can expect to pay for assisted living, and are there facilities that have a sliding-scale, or a payment option based on only services received?

Q: I am POA for an elderly lady (88) who is currently in a nursing center after having major surgery 2 weeks ago. SCAN wants to release her to go home next week, but she is unable to care for herself (cannot walk with walker, go to bathroom, or get out of bed without assistance, and eats very little). We were told to research group homes/assisted living places for her while ALTCS is pending. We would like to find places near John C Lincoln North Mountain Hospital (3rd St & Dunlap) as it's close to her doctors, if possible. Thank you for your help.- Carol

Q: We are looking for skilled nursing that are long-term for our dad. He is on altcs and under hospice of the valley. When we find a place, the opening disappears and we feel like we are back to square 1 everyday. I am disabled and my step sister works, so this has been taking up time we could spend with Dad.

He is currently living at a nephews house and with family and cnas we can't keep up! We need him to be settled and have 24hr and consistent care. He is pleasant and easy going.

We want him to enjoy this time. Any help would be great and appreciated.

The facilities need to be clean and not smell horribly. I am including my step sisters info as well (she is his daughter) we have power of attorney together (i am listed 1st). and are working together as a team. Thanks again. - Martha

Q: Prefer email contact please. Inquiring for friend with Parkinson's Disease; 83 yr old female, interested in independent living facility for present and eventually assisted living. Needs meal preparation and personal bath, transportation and social setting - Mona

Q: I am looking for an assisted living community for my mother. She is low income but has medicare and ACCHS. She has dementia but can still dress her self and take care of herself. - Deb

Q: Looking on behalf of my father who lives in Phoenix. This is anticipatory and the beginning of my entry/education into what to expect and look for in assisted living for a relatively 'healthy' 76 male who's physical and cognitive facilities are declining.- Mary

Q: I am inquiring for my father, who is mentally very well but physically extremely disabled and overweight. He need help with getting up in the morning and going to bed at night, he cannot go to the toilet on his own, but can feed himself. He is in a wheel chair , and needs to be kept on a strict diet. He is 78 and has had a stroke, and has other problems with his legs and back. But is stable and on daily medication. He is thinking of moving to Phoenix where my sister is - Bob

Q: Hi there, I'm looking for information for my mother. I believe it may be time to get her some assistance because she has numerous health issues and has almost completely lost her ability to walk and therefore care for herself. I wanted to see what our options are for affordable assistance programs. She lives mostly off of SSI. Thank you. - Doug

Inspiring story about a 95 year old senior

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Assisted Living Directory iconWe have created this page to serve as a starting point for your research into assisted living and long-term care options   in the Phoenix area. At this time, the Median Monthly Cost for Assisted Living in Phoenix (Private, One-Bedroom) is: $3,470.

[Video Tutorial] Learn Median Daily/Monthly Costs for Assisted Living in Phoenix
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Every facility listed here may be contacted directly and safely!

The assisted living 'landscape' in Phoenix is large and very diverse. Phoenix has a very large number of smaller, residential assisted living homes that house under 10 residents. In addition, Phoenix has numerous larger assisted living facilities owned and managed by some of the larger names in the industry.

Families and individuals looking for assisted living in Phoenix may need to take extra time in researching the hundreds of options available. We recommend that you read our page about choosing a small vs. large facility, since larger facilities may have certain benefits and drawbacks than a smaller, more homelike facility (and vice-versa). Intro by

Phoenix Assisted Living: Featured Facilities, Video Tours & Services

sitting area

Healing Gardens Assisted Living

We are committed to meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our residents. We accomplish this by providing a comfortable and caring environment. Our friendly and qualified staff serves our residents with kindness and compassion. We strive to honor the cultural and spirituals needs of our residents and their loved ones. All levels of care: Supervised, personal, and directed care.

More Information
& Contact Healing Gardens Directly!

Southwest Senior Care

Southwest Senior Care, LLC

Southwest Senior Care, LLC. is an Assisted Living, Residential Care Home that provides a safe, secure, loving environment for those who can no longer care for themselves for various reasons. Our Care Home has a beautiful, comfortable home away from home décor and is newly licensed for 5 residents. SWSC is owned and operated by Colleen Russo,RN,BSN with 30+ years of nursing experience in many areas of nursing including senior care. Her true passion and life long dream has been to provide quality long term care while preserving dignity for the aged, including those afflicted with Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease. With a 1-5 resident to staff ratio, your loved one will receive personalized care and companionship.

More Information
& Contact Southwest Senior Care Directly!

Autumn Glen Elderly Care - It's just what the doctor ordered

Autumn Glen Elderly Care is a licensed Residential Assisted Living Facility. We are located less than a mile away from John C. Lincoln Hospital and are centrally located near shopping centers and entertainment areas. We provide care for up to 3 residents, offering Private and Semi-Private bedrooms that are fully furnished. Our certified and fully trained staff offers care for residents with specified needs and assistance with all Activities of Daily Living. Our care ranges from Supervisory to Directed. Since we are licensed for 3 residents, this gives us the ability to provide more one-on-one care that allows for more supervision and less incidents than many of the larger facilities. We treat each resident with dignity and respect and they become a part of our family. -3 Home cooked meals prepared fresh daily.

More Information
& Contact Autumn Glen Elderly Directly!

Anthem Senior Assisted Living is located just to the north of the Phoenix area

Anthem, Arizona - Anthem Senior Living

Anthem Senior Living Logo Information

Welcome to Anthem Senior Living (ASL)! Among the finest of adult homes and luxury assisted living homes in Arizona a place our current residents call HOME. With unsurpassed and round the clock quality care, your loved one is certainly going to benefit from the ultimate senior living style. At ASL we encourage and strive for the seniors independence and freedom.

More Information
& Contact Anthem Senior Living Directly!

Care With Love Adult Care Home

"With our two Central Phoenix locations, Care with Love provides personalized and affordable quality care to our resident"


Petradi Assisted Living Facility offers all levels of care for assisted living in Phoenix

Desert Hills / Phoenix, Arizona - Petradi Green Diamond Assisted Living Facility

A Petradi Green Diamond Assisted Living Facility
Petradi Assisted Living provides assisted living and elderly care at all licensed levels including directed care, assisted care, and supervisory care.

More Information
& Contact Petradi Directly!

Phoenix Senior Care CSA Advising Staff - we can help to place you in the best assisted living in Phoenix

CSA Certified (and LOCAL) Senior Care Consultants For Phoenix

My service is at No Charge to you and your family!

Finding the right care facility in the Phoenix area for yourself or a loved-one can be an overwhelming prospect. Phoenix and the surrounding area is huge, and there are hundreds of care options available - from assisted living, to Alzheimer's and Dementia care, to facilities that offer everything in between. Choices for senior care in Phoenix can vary greatly in terms of size, and cost. Many facilities may accommodate less than 10 residents, where others may be in the hundreds.

I am a local, Phoneix-area certified senior care advisor and can help you with much of the 'footwork' and research during this process - whether you are local, or if you are planning on making the move to the Phoenix area - or if you are helping a family member or friend to find long-term care.

A few of the tasks tha I can help you with are:

Learning which facilities take insurance - from ALTCS, to Medicare or Medicaid, or a private, long-term care insurance that you might carry.

What the specific monthly cost of the facility is, and if there are extra fees or pricing based on different levels of care or amenities

Finding our which facilities in Phoenix are ranked the best in terms of health, safety and sanitation issues

Provide you with information regarding staffing ratios, staff turnover and retention rates at local Phoenix-area facilities

Narrow down your search for assisted living based on your personal needs, price range, and personality.

Help you to understand contracts and paperwork

Set up facility tours, and accompany you to the facilities.

Many families are surprised to learn how many assisted living homes are in the Phoenix area. At this time, there are over 1400 assisted living homes and facilities in Maricopa County - and that number grows each year. This can be an overwhelming figure to any family trying to place a loved-one into the right senior care environment.

This is where my services come in. I can help you to narrow down, or exclude facilities that are not a good fit for whatever reason - personal, financial, or health situation. I can build a reasonable, workable list of facilities that your loved-one can afford, and that have the right services and amenities based on his or her personal needs. The facilities that I will recommend, and accompany you on tours with (if you desire) will be approved by our advisors according to my high standards of health and safety records and reputation.

I invite you to learn more about how I can help you before you decide. Again, my services are at no cost to you and your family.

Learn Facility Inspections & Citations Reports - Phoenix

Video Produced by Assisted Living Directory

Amy's assisted living is a wonderful home offering Excellent care for Phoenix's seniors

Amy's Assisted Living "A heavenly care experience"

We invite you to enter a world of gracious living and EXCELENT home care.The mission of Amy's Assisted Living is to improve the quality of life for each of our precious seniors and to bring a smile to their faces and the comfort of happiness in their hearts.

More Information
& Contact Amy's Directly!

7th Heaven Assisted Living  in Phoenix is a smaller, 10 bed facility

7th Heaven Assisted Living 1

Arizona 10 bed licensed directed care facility. Managed and owned by an Occupational Therapist and Pharmacist. Private and Semi-Private rooms available.

More Information
& Contact 7th Heaven Directly!

Abundant Joy Assisted Living Home, LLC is a residential care option located in Phoenix

Abundant Joy Assisted Living Home LLC - Mom's Home Away From Home

Abundant Joy started as a family business. Anna Carl, Owner, and her sister, Janet Stewart, searched for months to find a quality care home for their mother....

More Information
& Contact Abundant Joy Directly!

Central assisted living facility in Phoenix is a facility that encourages independence for seniors.

Central Assisted Living

At Central Assisted Living we protect the dignity, individuality and privacy of each of our residents while striving to support and maintain their independence with the highest quality of life.

More Information
& Contact Central Assisted Living Directly!

Emerald Homecare Assisted Living is desert living at it's finest.

Emerald Homecare

Discover desert living in Phoenix, Arizona, the home of seniors and retirees....

Our facilities are state approved for safety and security of the residents. It is owned and managed by a registered nurse with over 30 years of healthcare experience and cared for by happy and friendly caregivers.

More Information
& Contact Emerald Homecare Directly!

Golden Dreams Care home is a small, residential home for seniors

Golden Dreams Care Home

Golden Dreams Care Home is licensed for Personal and Directed Care. The 5 residents benefit from home cooked meals in a friendly and genuinely caring home. We accept AHCCS

More Information
& Contact Golden Dreams Care Home Directly!

Grace Hill Assisted Living in Phoenix, AZ is another example of a residential assisted living choice in Phoenix


Grace Hill Adult Care is a family. We are a place to call home, without worries about maintenance, meals or transportation. Where quality of life means knowing you are cared for, loved, respected, secure and not isolated.

At Grace Hill Adult Care, you will discover a warm and home-like atmosphere with traditional, old-fashioned hospitality.

More Information
& Contact Grace Hill Directly!

Home Away From Home assisted living in Phoenix, Arizona offers upscale care for seniors.

Home Away from Home

We are located near Arizona Mills Mall!

A newly remodeled upscale assisted ten bed assisted living home,With well trained caregivers with the aim to deliver nothing but quality service to you and your loved ones.

We have 24 hrs security systems Alarm and cameras,sprinklers and smoke detectors All for the safety of our residents.

More Information
& Contact Home Away From Home Directly!

Phoenix Best Care Home Assisted Living in Phoenix is a home, not an 'institution' for seniors.

Phoenix Best Care Home

We put the "Home" in Assisted Living!

We created Phoenix Best Care Home to fulfill our vision that an assisted living home should feel more like a home and less like an institution.

More Information
& Contact Phoenix Best Care Home Directly!

Robys facility

Robys Home Healthcare

Welcome to Rose Court, an Assisted Living community in charming Phoenix, Arizona. At Rose Court you can enjoy the simple things in life: Things like a cozy home, long walks, good talks with good friends and the assurance that helping hands are always nearby.

More Information
& Contact Robys Directly!

Rose Court Assisted Living in Phoenix is cozy, and comfortable for seniors.

Rose Court Senior Living

Welcome to Rose Court, an Assisted Living community in charming Phoenix, Arizona. At Rose Court you can enjoy the simple things in life: Things like a cozy home, long walks, good talks with good friends and the assurance that helping hands are always nearby.

More Information
& Contact Rose Court Senior Living Directly!

Sheridan Garden Assisted Living Phoenix helps to maintain dignity and promote qualityf of life.

Sheridan Garden Assisted Living (3 Locations)



More Information
& Contact Sheridan Garden Directly!

E.T. Senior Care in Queen Creek has been in service since 2006.

Queen Creek, Arizona - E.T. Senior Care

Imagine your loved one in a beautiful 4 bed residential care home where they are surrounded by others who care and are considered friends. This Care home is a special place that seniors call home, opened in 2006 and is located near Gantzel and Combs in beautiful Queen Creek, AZ. You can't make an honest decision on any home before you visit. Call today to arrange for a tour of our special place that your loved one will call home.

More Information
& Contact E.T. Senior Care Directly!

Renata's Home Assisted Living is set-up for 4 private rooms.

Queen Creek, AZ - Renata's Home For the Elderly

Welcome in Renata's Home For The Elderly.
Our family style facility is warm and "Homey with 4 private room .It's a State License for Personal,Supervisory and Directed Care. I have over 32 years experience in the medical health care field, with excellent references. I started out initially in Poland as a Registered Nurse.

More Information
& Contact Renata's Directly!

Salama assisted living home in Queen Creek is a lovely home with private or semi-private rooms.

Queen Creek, Arizona - Salama Assisted living Home - Excellent living.

Comfortable and Stylish Private or Semi Private Rooms Available to Men & Women

More Information
& Contact Salama Directly!

[Video] - Iris House Assisted Living Facility - Phoenix

This video tour details what your family will find at Iris House assisted living facility.

You will LOVE your new home! 24x7 supervision, short or long-term care, private or semi-private rooms and much more in a homelike environment!


TV Room

West Valley's Premier Assisted Living Home

TO TOUR OUR CARING HOME! CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION:602-332-0780. WEST LANE HOME @ 3137 W. LANE AVE PHOENIX AZ 85051 State Licensed Care Home providing Personalized Care.

More Information
& Contact West Lane Home Directly!

Additional Senior Care Options for Phoenix

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Arizona most affordable assisted living facilities

Arizona senior care 23 has facilities all over Phoenix metro - All the facilities are clean, with beautiful rooms and many have small apartments too, with great care and a lots of FREE services. With house doctors and nurses, lab tests and xrays in the house, hair stylists, activities and more, we are working hard to satisfy our residents and their families. We urge you to call us and schedule a tour ! you will not be disapointed! Phoenix metro Arizona

A New Standard in Adult Care

A New Standard

A locally owned and operated home that offers a safe, secure, and caring environment specifically designed to provide individualized care and exceptional service. Hacienda Granada is dedicated to providing a comfortable and peaceful environment for those with memory impairment or related dementias as well as assistance with activities of daily living.

Our carefully trained caregivers are chosen for their compassion. Their attentiveness in providing residents with the dignity they deserve allows each resident to continue to live as independently as possible. Hacienda Granada respects the individualized needs regardless of age, religion, physical, mental and emotional well being. We go above and beyond to provide the most appropriate care for each resident. Our focus is to find the strengths of your loved and assist them where there are weaknesses.

Respite care services are available to provide the caregiver some personal time away and give their loved one an opportunity to socialize. It can also provide an opportunity to get to know our professionally trained staff prior to becoming a permanent resident. The warm ambience at Hacienda Granada provides a loving and engaging living environment conducive to the feeling of peacefulness and security.

 24 hour professionally trained staff
 Assistance with showering/bathing, personal hygiene and dressing
 Medication administration and management
 Group and one- to- one specialized activities
 Physician prescribed diets available
 Healthy homemade meals
 Variety of snacks available throughout the day
 Patio for casual outdoor dining
 Secured outdoor courtyards and garden area
 Private rooms with private baths & semi-private rooms
 Activities schedule daily to stimulate mind and spirit
 Daily housekeeping
 Laundry service
In-home services available: Home Health, Hospice Care, Quarterly RN visits, Religious services

Contact via phone: 602-952-1582 or stop by at: 4040 E. Highland Ave. Phoenix, AZ
Lisa Dorsey

A "OASIS" ASSISTED HOME CARE Oasis Assisted Home Care

Oasis assisted living Phoenix

17647 N. 17th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85022
Cell 602-206-9649 (24 hrs/7days)
Office 602-354-5585
Fax 602-237-5343

Victor Joaquin
State Licensed Facility Care Manager / Owner

At Oasis Assisted Home Care, our homes are warm, comfortable and respectful establishments designed to provide safety, security and a relaxing social atmosphere with premium care. We believe that all individuals, regardless of physical ability or age, have the right to enjoy life to the fullest—free from worry in a safe and dignified family environment.

 All Levels of care – supervisory, personal and directed With Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Care
 With Diabetic Conditions
 Hospice Care and Respite Care

At Oasis Assisted Home Care our trained professional care manager is a State Licensed Registered Nurse, and we have a 1-to-3 caregiver-to-resident ratio.


Acoma Assisted Living

Phone: (623) 414-9975
License: AL8546H

Southwest Senior Care, LLC.

Southwest Senior Care LLC

Southwest Senior Care, LLC. is an Assisted Living Residential Care Home that provides a safe, secure, and loving environment for those who can no longer care for themselves for various reasons. SWSC is licensed for 5 residents and is owned and operated by Colleen Russo, RN, BSN. Colleen has 30+ years of nursing experience in many areas including senior care. Her true passion and life long dream has been to provide quality long term care while preserving dignity for the aged, including those afflicted with Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.

With a 1-5 resident to staff ratio, our residents are guaranteed to receive personalized care and companionship. We offer a variety of daily joyful activities, memory care activities, delicious home-cooked meals and snacks, 24 hour awake staff, assistance with ADL's including incontinence care, wound care, medication monitoring, Long Term Care, Individualized care plans, daily vital signs, pet therapy, exercise, hair dressing/barber services, massage therapy by LMT, Hospice Services available, Respite Care, onsite devotional services, transportation to medical appointments, and much more. Please contact Colleen to schedule a tour.

Thank you. 602-796-1945
More Information

Paseo Highlands Assisted Living Home Excelent care in a family like enviroment!

Paseo Highlands

Admision: Tony
Phone: 480-365-8547
3134 W Adobe Dam Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85027
Phoenix Arizona


Amy's Senior Living

Phone: (623) 476-2625
License: AL6669H


Beautiful Beginnings ALH

Phone: (623) 418-8313
License: AL8474H

Bethesda Gardens Assisted Living Community

Bethesda Gardens

(602) 765-4000
13825 N Cave Creek Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85022 - 6178
Assisted Living and Memory Care


Charleston Corner

Phone: (602) 595-5627
License: AL5728H

Desert Comfort Assisted Living Home in Phoenix Arizona

Desert Comfort Assisted Living

Specializing in all levels of care, Desert Comfort Assisted Living caters to each of its residents needs with quality assisted living services backed by experience. Our lovely assisted living home is licensed for five residents and is available with private and semi private rooms. Here, residents enjoy delicious home cooked meals prepared daily with healthy ingredients that improve our seniors’ appetite and administer them better health through exceptional nutrition. Violeta Farcas is the managing owner of Desert Comfort and has been providing long term care in Arizona over a decade, she knows what it really takes to offer quality assisted living with dignity and respect. If you think your loved one deserves a warm and caring environment, where each of his or her needs are cared for with the highest level of care, we invite you to come and experience the atmosphere and peace of mind that Desert Comfort Assisted Living Home provides! Call Violet at 602-359-5136


Eva's Phoenix

Phone: (602) 995-5313
License: AL5513F

Freedom Manor Assisted Living Home

Freedom Manor

(602) 956-5556
2524 E Heatherbrae Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85016 - 5668

Gabriel's Home Care

Small Group Home providing services for four residents. Group Home Owner/Manager is a Hospice Social Worker.
623.907-3941/602.300-6770. Located in the West Valley near Avondale,Buckley,Litchfield, Phoenix.
Tolleson , AZ

Grace hill adult care where caring is our priority

Personalized Care Plans
 Skilled Care Givers 24- hours a day
 Personal and Directed Care to meet the unique needs of every resident.
 On-call RN.
 we offer unique programming specific to the need of our Alzheimer's or Dementia residents.
 3 Delicious,Home Cooked Meals and Nutritious Snacks a day
 Private or Semi-Private Rooms are available Medication Administration.
 Holiday / Birthday Celebration
 Social & Recreational Activities
 Daily laundry and housekeeping so our residents look and feel their very best.
 Assistance with dressing,bathing and personal grooming.
 Salon & Barber services are available.
 Pharmacy services are available.
 Transportation services are available or can be arrange.

If you have a need we will do everything possible to work for you.



Happy Valley Assisted Living

Phone: (602) 740-1084
License: AL6765H

Loving Care home in the East Valley

Gayle's Manor is a top premier care home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Gayle's Manor is truly dedicated for one on one care in its small and loving facility. The care is unbeatable.
Please call Joni anytime (602) 330- 8965


Maggie's House

Phone: (623) 792-8955
License: AL8410H


North Valley Assisted Living

Phone: (602) 410-0501
License: AL5948H

Providing Care with Love, Dignity and Respect Dionne's Assisted Living, Llc,

located in Phoenix, Arizona provides the following services: Assisted Living and Micro-Community: Residential Care Facility. It accepts private payments. The Dionne's Assisted Living, Llc has a very good hospital, St Luke's Medical Center, located nearby, which scored a 81 out of 100 in its most recent Medicare review.

The Dionne's Assisted Living, Llc's nearest hospital is 6 miles away. The zipcode (85044) in Arizona, where Dionne's Assisted Living, Llc is located, has a below average safety rating based on recent crime statistics. There are 126 similar care providers within a 10 mile area.

Dionne's Assisted Living, LLC is an assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities are an apartment-style habitat designed to focus on providing assistance with daily living activities. They provide a higher level of service for the elderly which can include preparing meals, housekeeping, medication assistance, laundry, and also do regular check-in's on the residents. Basically, they are designed to bridge the gap between independent living and nursing home facilities. When thinking about how to pay for care, assisted living facilities are generally less expensive than nursing homes, if assisted living is a viable option for your loved one.

Also, Dionne's Assisted Living, LLC is a Micro community, which means it is a smaller senior community. It is a Residential Care Facility. Some people prefer it for its smaller less institutional setting.

For more information, contact:
Teresita Dionne (owner/manager)
Cell: (602)214-2299
Tel: (480)699-4571
Teresita Dionne




South Mountain Assisted Living

Phone: (602) 276-3883
License: AL0069C

Voted BEST in Arizona for 3 years!

Luxury assisted living at the Arizona Country Club for just 10 seniors, each with private bedrooms, private baths, and garden patios. Our affordable month-to-month rental is ALL inclusive, with no hidden 'extras' of any kind.

Additional Support


Assisted Living Directory encourages you and your family to check out the Assisted Living Provider Search tool which is featured on the State of Arizona's Department of Health website, for further facility research. We show you how to use this tool, and also how it can tell you each facility's inspections and survey findings by the State - extremely valuable information to have!

Assisted Living Facilities in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ)

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