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Our Newest Listing(s) - May23, 2016: The Landing at Willow Grove and Priority Blue Group Homes in Oak Park, MI - Oak Cottage Assisted Living in Santa Barbara, CA and Loving Adult Family Home in Bothell, WA, and The Legacy Commons in Pueblo, CO and The Legacy at Lafayette, Colorado and Apple Blossom Home in Riverside, CA and The Hacienda House in Brooksville, FL and Magnolia Springs of Lexington, Kentucky and Peabody Home in Franklin, NH and Bloomfield Comfort Care in West Bloomfield, MI and Bellhaven Senior Care Home in Sacramento, CA and Good Hart Assisted Living in Glendale, AZ and Aging Grace, LLC in Tucson, AZ and Beehive Homes of Marana, Arizona, and 3 Sisters Hacienda in Escondido, CA and Shade Tree Residential Care in Oxford, NC and Oxley's Assisted Living in Billings, Montana and A & R Premiere Care in Milan, MI and Mountain View Care Home in Surprise, AZ - Welcome to our site!

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About our photo ads:
Assisted Living Directory icon1) Photos of your property create an emotional attachment or "bond" with the potential resident.
2) Photo ads appear on both the state page above the text listings as a 'featured listing' (with a photo) and are linked to your dedicated page. Your dedicated page will be highly search-able, and will have a map, 5 photos, your property description, services, and a custom mail form. We will also add video if you have one. To see a good example of how our photo ads are displayed, please visit our Colorado page.
3) Our interactive google maps on our photo listings help to make your leads more qualified, with potential clients interested in your area.
4) You'll have a real human to help you with any edits or updates. We'll make sure your ad looks perfect!

"Thank you! I appreciate all that you did to make Petradi look appealing. It was great that you took the initiative to add the extra photo and to flesh out the amenities. I wish that working with all of the other listing agencies was as pleasant and efficient as working with you - and you can tell your boss that I said so. =) - Thank you, Carol

New Feature For Photo Ads! We will now add a custom mail form to your ad that potential clients can use to contact you - this is instead of simply displaying your e-mail address on the site. A mail form will virtually eliminate any spam, and will protect your e-mail address!

Add A Video! If you have a video clip of our facility, we can add it to your photo listing! Creating a video of your facility is not difficult. If you can send us a tape that includes video of your facility, we can edit it, and make a professional looking video for your ad. An extra fee would apply for this service.

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