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Assisted Living Tidbits

Austin has been one of our favorite cities to research and discuss over the years in terms of how much good information there is within the 'online city' of Austin about aging, assisted living and long-term care.

In the past, we have visited the Area Agency on Aging for the Capital Area website, and we have actually contacted them a few times with questions, but haven't had very good responses from them. Their site, years ago, was good, but didn't seem to be updated much. However, we came across it again this morning, and it seems like it has been updated. Actually, the "updated" date at the bottom is from a few days ago, so that's a good sign.

Agencies on Aging are great places to start if you have general questions about what your county, or city can provide you in terms of senior services. Sometimes, these sites and agencies seem 'tired' - not updated much, and not a whole lot to offer, but in many other cases, they are such wonderful portals for senior, aging and retirement information. The Capital area Agency, located in Austin, could be a model website for other Agencies to follow.

What we like about it is that it has a link to a page at the top of the main homepage that will display a map of all of the counties served by the agency, so there is no question. This is helpful for states or regions where there are numerous smaller counties, and possible confusion as to who is served or covered. Then, pretty quickly, you'll find a search bar, so you can quickly search for the information you need. We did a search for 'ombudsman' on the Area Agency on Aging of the Capital Area site, and it took us straight away to the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program information on their website. The search box is also useful in that it gives you a choice to search the agency site, or the web. We like that feature so if you want to do an external search, you don't have to backtrack to google or another search portal.

A quick aside on what an Ombudsman does, specific to the Austin Area's Agency: Essentially, an Ombudsman is an advocate, or voice to push for quality care in the 10 counties that the Agency serves. Ombudsman can provide information to residents and families about what their rights are; to help them discover additional resources or services that might be useful to them for their situation, and to try to resolve conflicts between assisted living facilities and residents, or to investigate complaints. Ombudsman staff are often times staffed by a handful of paid employees, supplemented by a group of trained volunteers. This is the case with the Area Agency on Aging of The Capital Area.

Another great feature that this agency offers is an actual directory of assisted living facilities, sorted alphabetically, by City, and by County. This is extremely helpful in cases where sites (like ours) aren't updated with new facilities, and it offers essentially a one-stop information source. In addition, an agency on aging's information has that extra level of trust, since there is not a commercial bias or interest in providing certain information over other information.

The directory on the Austin Area's agency site is comprehensive in the number of facilities listed, but we had hoped for more detail, such as photos, website addresses, and perhaps amenities and services. This is one area where the agency may be able to do better. We were happy, though, to see a google map of the assisted living facility locations in Austin, which populates with little 'home' icons where the facilities are located, and a list of the facilities in the sidebar. We thought this was extremely helpful.

Another excellent section that can be a model of useful information for other agency sites is the page on Caregiving. The AAACAP offers Care Coordination as part of the community care system that 'helps older adults remain at home by assisting with activities of daily living on a short-term basis.' Detailed information about this program is listed on the page. In addition, the AAACAP has excellent information about their Caregiver Support Program, which exists to help family members who are caring for older adults over 60 years old. Information about Supportive Services, including Eligibility and Priority are offered on the agency's site. Or, as of this writing, you may call 512-916-6067 for more information. We were also very glad to see tips and helpful suggestions that people can offer support and help to a family caregiver in their life.

Agency on Aging websites should be the best that they can be - and they should have a feeling of being updated frequently, and of course, with helpful, accurate, and correct information. As we alluded to earlier, there are so many sites out there with a commercial interest, often times resulting in biased information that does not have the user's best interest at heart. Agencies on aging, by nature of being an organization, and usually not for a profit, need to strive to be **the** resource for aging and senior issues in their area. We believe that the AAACAP has met this challenge. We would feel very comfortable following advice from this agency, and appreciate all of the information and obvious effort they have put into their online, and offline presence.

Great questions and comments that we have received about Austin assisted living and senior care in general:

Q: I have an unusual problem. My dad is 92 and is fairly independent. He's interested in a facility like a 2 bedroom condo with a nurse on hand should the need arise. I can do the errands for them but they can do day-to-day care for himself. The problem is he wants to move to Austin, Texas to be near me but would need to bring my brother with him, who has many health problems, can't work, and is only 57. Do you know any facilities that will take them? My brother has no insurance but has applied for Medicaid.

**This is indeed one of the most unusual questions and situations that we have seen come through our site. Taking two people with different needs and health issues can be challenging, and may take extra research. Asking a good, qualified referral service to do some research for you might be a helpful solution! Since referral services are usually paid per placement, they may be more motivated to help you to place two people. - ALD

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Assisted Living Directory iconThis page was created to serve as a starting point for your research into assisted living in Austin,  as well as other relevant and useful seniors services provided by the City of Austin, including local Capital Area Agency on Aging.

[Video] Learn Facility Complaints & Local Support - Austin
Video Tutorial Produced by Assisted Living Directory

We highlight 2 essential state/local sites and agencies with assisted living facility data for Austin, Caregiver and family support, as well as inspections and complaints   reports

*Unlike many seniors sites, the facilities on this page may be contacted directly and safely!

The City of Austin is very involved with providing excellent services, and a great variety of programs for local seniors in Austin who are 50 years of age and older. Austin, at the time of this writing, has 3 Senior Activity Centers - the Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center (478-7695), the Senior Activity Center – Lamar (474-5921), and the South Austin Senior Activity Center (448-0787).

We have provided information on many of the assisted living facilities in Austin on this page, and we also include video tours for facilities as they become available.

Whether you live in an assisted living facility in Austin, or are living independently at home, Austin has the services and aging agencies to support you. Intro by

Austin Assisted Living: Featured Facilities & Services



Lou's House

Lou’s House is a 7 bed home environment equipped with beautiful furnishings. Residents here feel like this is their own home with all the comforts thereof. Because of our size, there is a high degree of one-on-one care with personalized care plans.

More Information
& Contact Lou's House Directly!

Round Rock Assisted Living, LLC

seniors laughing


Round Rock Assisted Living

ROUND ROCK Assisted Living is not a facility but a wonderful HOME for the next chapter of life. ROUND ROCK Assisted Living, LLC is located near the intersection of FM620 and O'Connor in Round Rock, TX

More Information
& Contact Round Rock Assisted Living Directly!

Resident Room

VA residents welcome in Austin Texas!

Small intimate licensed assisted living home in north Austin welcomes VA residents. We have cozy apartments available at an affordable price. Most of our residents rent is paid by Soc Security and Aid and attendance benefits Austin North Assisted Living.

More Information
& Contact Austin North Directly!

Arveda Assisted Living Austin

Arveda Alzheimer's Family Care

Arveda Alzheimer's Family Care in Austin, Texas
Assisted Living Residence
11013 Signal Hill Drive
Austin, Texas 78737
Kim Terracina - Marketing Director

This beautiful home is located approximately 6 miles west of Hwy 290, west of Austin. It is conveniently situated near Dripping Springs, Wimberly, Oak Hill and Austin. The facility is close to hospital facilities and it is only a short drive from the Austin Metropolis. The facility is a small home with 22 private rooms for the residents and communal living areas where the residents gather for dinning and activities. The Grand Opening was held on February 12, 2009 (see photos).

More Information
& Contact Arveda Alzheimer's Directly!

Collinfield House Assisted Living Facility in Austin, TX

The Collinfield House Experience!

Collinfield House is dedicated to providing unparalleled assisted living care to the aging in Austin, Texas. Collinfield House is run on Christian principles and values and upholds service to others as the primary focus. Each operation decision and on the job care implementation keeps top of mind a selfless, service-hearted approach to caring for our residents.

To learn more or take a tour, please contact Rebekah Osteros at 512-797-1505

More Information
& Contact The Collinfield House Directly!

Cottages at Chandler Creek

(Round Rock) - The Cottages at Chandler Creek

Our care givers are specially trained to provide for those with memory impairments. With our small, home-like community, we develop personal relationships with our residents. The unique floorplan provides our residents a home-like environment. Well-balanced meals are served family-style in each cottage.

More Information
& Contact The Cottages at Chandler Creek Directly!

[Video] Sterling House of Georgetown

Video tour including resident testimonials! This is a Brookdale Senior Living facility.

Austin, Texas - Assisted Living Facilities & Senior Care

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***Great Tip: See a 'street view' photo of the facility by choosing the 'map' link for facilities listed in this section. It's a great way to see a current exterior view of each facility, and the surrounding neighborhood!

***Remember - there are several facility video tours in this section!


Arden Courts Alzheimer's Assisted Living

Arden Courts Assisted Living

11630 Four Iron Dr
Austin, TX 78750
(512) 918-2800


Ashwood Retirement & Assisted Living

Ashwood assisted living community

12151 Hunters Chase Drive
Austin, TX 78729

Our Assisted Living Services Include All of the Independent Living Amenities Plus:

 Full time on-site nursing staff
 Dining and Activities
 Escorts to and from meals and activities
 Medication supervision
 Assistance with medication
 Incontinence care
 Intervention for confusion or forgetfulness
 Frequent room checks for resident seeking supervision (2 hour checks)
(512) 336-4100


Brighton Gardens of Austin

Brighton Gardens of Austin Assisted Living

Brighton Gardens of Austin is a beautifully landscaped facility with courtyard and gardens. Brighton Gardens features fine cuisine, as well as numerous activities and social groups. Tastefully appointed apartment-style living with spacious and attractive common areas. Our trained staff is attentive and caring.

4401 Spicewood Springs Road
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 418-8822


Barton Hills Assisted Living

Barton Hills Assisted Living Austin Texas

1606 Nash Avenue

Barton HIlls Assisted Living offers all the comforts of living at home, plus more! The facility is 26 units and provides a loving, cheerful and safe environment. Barton Hills offers a choice of private and semiprivate floorplans, 3 nutritious and hot meals, 24 hour attendant supervision, assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and grooming.

Our other services include:

Medication supervision and or monitoring
Licensed nurse on staff
Laundry and linen service
M.D. supervision
Physical, Social and Recreational activities & Much more!

Austin, TX 78704
(512) 441-6000


Buckner Villas

11110 Tom Adams Drive
Austin, TX 78753
(512) 836-1515


Emeritus at Spicewood Springs

Emeritus at Spicewood Springs

4401 Spicewood Springs Road
Austin, TX 78759
 Retirement Living
 Assisted Living
 Skilled Nursing Care
(512) 774-3986


Summit at Westlake Hills

Brookdale assisted living in Ausin - Westlake Hills

1034 Liberty Park Drive
Austin, TX 78746

Levels of service available at The Summit at Westlake Hills:

 Independent Living
 Assisted Living
 Supportive Services
 Skilled Nursing Care
(866) 282-7187


Querencia At Barton Creek

Querencia Austin assisted living

2500 Barton Creek Boulevard
Austin, TX 78735

A sampling of our services and amenities:

 Spacious, inviting resident and family areas with Hill Country views
 Landscaped grounds and manicured courtyards
 Outdoor terrace
 Rooms for meetings, lectures and entertainment
 Day spa
 The ultimate fitness and wellness center Our spectacular covered infinity pool
 Full-service on-site beauty and nail salon Meticulous housekeeping and linen services
 Creative arts studio
 Pet park
(512) 410-2712



Westminster Manor Austin

4100 Jackson Avenue
Austin, TX 78731

From our new, spacious apartment homes and exceptional dining program to our resident-directed care initiative, if you are planning where and how to live the coming years, there is no better time to investigate Westminster Manor.

Some of the amenities and services we offered are:

 Health Care Center
 Fine dining
 Beauty Salon
 Guest speakers
 Live entertainment
 Day trips
(512) 454-4711


Heritage at Gaines Ranch

The Heritage at Gaines Ranch

4409 Gaines Ranch Loop
Austin, TX 78735

The Heritage at Gaines Ranch offers Independent Living, Assisted Living and Supportive Services. Here, you'll enjoy spectacular views of the Austin skyline and Texas hill country. We are just minutes away from major shopping and medical facilities, and just a short 20 minute drive from Bergstrom International Airport.

Some of the amenities and services we offered are:

 Indoor swimming pool
 Library with internet
 Billiards room
 On-site general store
 Full-service dining with table-side service
 Staff available around the clock
(866) 404-0741


Southern Hospitality Home

Southern Hospitality Home in Austin

5000 Shoalwood Avenue
Austin, TX 78756
(512) 451-8400


The Pavilion at Great Hills Assisted Living & Memory Care

The Pavillion at Great Hills in Austin

11819 Pavilion Boulevard
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 249-0500


Additional Support


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***Learn how to look up facility complaints and inspections throughout Texas - using state resources and data. This is also an excellent way to further your assisted living research in Austin!

Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Care in Austin, Texas (TX)

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