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Austin North VA Assisted Living in Austin, Texas

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Q: Do you have one on one care for residents? - Cherie

Q: Wondering if you take social security ...he is waiting for his disability status . we filed last July 2014. He had a stroke but has recently told me he wants to live on his own. I am his wife and have poa - Deb

Q: Do you have any rooms for couples? - Cheri

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VA assisted Living Home

Resident Room

senior's bedroom

Deck of facility

patio area

VA residents welcome in Austin Texas!

Small intimate licensed assisted living home in north Austin welcomes VA residents. We have cozy apartments available at an affordable price. Most of our residents rent is paid by Soc Security and Aid and attendance benefits Austin North Assisted Living

Austin North VA Assisted Living Located at 11206 Powder Mill Trail, Austin, Texas. 78750

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Services Offered
 small private rooms
 accept VA aid and attendance
 completely furnished, cable and TV included
 great home cooked meals
 visiting VA nurse
 near by VA service center
 accepting dementia
 many others

PH: 512-258-5561

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Facility availability

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