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Collinfield House Assisted Living Facility in Austin, Texas

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Questions we have received about Collinfield House, and assisted living that may serve as helpful examples of the types of questions you might consider asking facilities that you are interested in:

What is your location and monthly fees or cost structure? Do you charge extra for level of care?

I am interested in finding more information about Collinfield. We are interested in a private room with private bath. My daughter and I are making plans for her father

I don't have time to be "shopping" for an assisted living facility at this time, however, we need to find one within the next 60 days or so. My mother in law is in an assisted living at this time, but we want to move her. She is at the lowest level of care, as she is one of the most alert persons at this facility, and can manage on her own without care. I would like a price on a private room, private bath. I am going to base where I go and visit upon attaining this information. Perhaps I can get a brochure? She is 88 yrs old.

Please email the answers to me vs phone. What is the availability and how many residents reside in the home? What skill level of care attends the clients? Is transportation available for Doctor appointments, and shopping? What are your rates for private and semi-private rooms, and bathrooms?

Q: Do you have 24 hour attendant available so that my father could be monitored while he goes to restroom during the night. He is ambulatory but a fall risk.

What are your rates? - Shelley

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Collinfield House Exterior


living area

back yard

Austin, Texas - The Collinfield House Experience!

Collinfield House assisted living facility is dedicated to providing unparalleled assisted living care to the aging in Austin, Texas. Collinfield House is run on Christian principles and values and upholds service to others as the primary focus. Each operation decision and on the job care implementation keeps top of mind a selfless, service-hearted approach to caring for our residents.

To learn more or take a tour, please contact Kelsey Owens at 512.619.4366 or e-mail us using the contact form below.

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Three nutritious homemade meals and snacks daily
Spa like pampering
Weekly visits from local Christian community
Exercise to maintain health
Activities to keep the mind sharp
24 hour staff
Home health available
Medication management
Home health available
Recently renovated and gorgeous living environment
Private bedrooms customizable to the residents needs and desires
Either private or shared bathrooms
Fenced yard with large patio
Beautiful mature trees and foliage
Flower and vegetable garden
Spacious living and game areas
Formal dining area for parties and get-togethers
Handicap accessible doorways and bathrooms
Fire sprinklers in every room
Fee cable/Telephone ready
Security systems with notification for entry and exit
Medical clinic within one mile
Shopping and parks in close proximity

Call 512.619.4366 or e-mail us using the contact form below.

Contact Collinfield House Directly:

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