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Arveda Alzheimer's Family Care Assisted Living Facility in Austin, TX

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An unfortunate, but real possibility in the assisted living industry is being faced with an involuntary discharge from the facility. Would you and your family be prepared for this?

Preparing for an involuntary discharge from an assisted living facility

Discharges can happen for a number of reasons. Perhaps the resident is no longer able to pay for services, or perhaps the facility is no longer able to provide the level of care needed for the resident.

In any event, this can be an uprooting and unsettling event, and there is more than one point of view on this topic - the family's, and the facility's.

There are strategies that you can employ to help avoid any unwanted requests to vacate, and ways to prepare for it if you believe it may be a possibility. Among our recommendations, we encourage families to find out what the discharge policy is, in writing, at a given facility before signing any contracts, or moving in.

Great questions from our visitors about Arveda Alzheimer's Family Care and assisted living -

(These questions may serve as examples of the types of questions you and your family might ask your potential assisted living home):

I am looking for an assisted living facility for my 95 year old grandmother. She is still capable of doing most daily functions with minimal assistance. I am interested in knowing what type of security system your facility offers to keep residents from leaving on their own and if there are any available beds?

Do you accept a person on a NGRI outpatient commitment and with SSI pending (not currently active) and apply for benefits if accepted when placed at the facility? If not, who would be responsible to pay and how much is the monthly fee? Is a person able to leave the premises unaccompanied and are rooms semiprivate or private? If you are not able to consider this type of person please send any referrals if available.

This will be for my parents, is this a Medicaid Assisted living location? Do VA's receive a discount, and what is the cost per month? It is best to contact me via email.

I want to find out if you have a waiting list, and also what is the cost of Arveda assisted living. My mother is currently at Querencia and her Dr. told me to inquire about your facility.

I am wondering if your facility takes Medicaid for Alzheimer's patients. My mother is 90, has AD, but no other health issues other than poor hearing and poor eyesight.

My grandfather is 80 years old ad suffers from Dementia. He has been treated in Houston for the past few weeks and his doctors are ready for us to find a care facility such as yours. He has had some issues with wandering but since the adjustments to his meds, he has done very well. I was wondering what type of monthly charge a place such as yours would have? I will be paying out of pocket. I can have his case worker send his medical records if that would help.

What are your fees? Do you take Medicare? My mom is on limited income, just social security, she has Tricare insurance (retired military veteran).

Hello, I was wondering if your facility is "private pay" only or if you accept CBA/Medicaid patients? My mother has Alzheimer's and is already on the CBA program. Thank you.

My mom has Alzheimer's I am thinking of moving to Austin near my son and bringing my mom with me. I need to know more about your facility and how much it would cost. She has medicare and receives a monthly check.

Do you take current qualified medicaid residents/patients? My mother is in an assisted living facility in San Marcos and we are looking at having to possibly move her to a facility that deals more with Alzheimer's residents. She is medicaid qualified. Both of her sons live in the South Austin area so your location is not that far for us to travel to visit. If you do take medicaid patients/residents, can a tour of your facility be arranged?

Q: Do you accept Medicaid pending patients. My Grandfather will need a memory care facility in about 4 to 6 months. He has Lewy Bodies dementia and it is getting difficult for my grandmother to care for him. I work at Deer Creek Nursing in the business office and I will be doing the Medicaid application. They will qualify.
Thank you. - Dana

My mom and dad both need care, both have Alzheimer or dementia. Mom needs more help with personal care, walking, bathing, dressing, bathrooming. Do you have a place where they can remain together? They have been together since they were 14 years old. Thank you

My father-in-law has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's officially now and he seems to be deteriorating rapidly. He is 62 years old and my husband has had power-of-attorney over his affairs for a few years. I am trying to find a place for him to receive 24 hour care without feeling like a nursing home and thought of assisted living. He is a Veteran and I was hoping you could give me more information about pricing, timelines etc. Thank you for your time!


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Arveda Assisted Living Austin

Arveda Facility Interior

Arveda Bathroom

Arveda Bedroom

Arveda Assisted Living Facility

Austin, Texas - Arveda Alzheimer's Family Care

Arveda Alzheimer's Family Care Located at 11013 Signal Hill Drive, Austin, Texas. 78737
Kim Terracina - Marketing Director
e-mail: Please use the contact form below

License# 126600
Certificate# 101880

This beautiful home is located approximately 6 miles west of Hwy 290, west of Austin. It is conveniently situated near Dripping Springs, Wimberly, Oak Hill and Austin. The facility is close to hospital facilities and it is only a short drive from the Austin Metropolis. The facility is a small home with 22 private rooms for the residents and communal living areas where the residents gather for dinning and activities.

The Arveda Alzheimer's communities have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the residents, from the layout of the home, to the design of the bedrooms, to the selection of the decor. The management and design team have many years of experience providing the specialized care that Alzheimer's residents require. That being said, the quality of care is dependent upon the facility staff and their ability to care for the special needs of the residents, especially from a psychological standpoint. The facility staff receive intensive training on Alzheimer's disease and the way it affects the residents' language ability, vision, behavior, and ability to take care of themselves. Our specialized staff members are selected not only for their technical skills and knowledge of how to provide personal care, but also for their ability to communicate well.

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We ensure the residents are treated respectfully, and provided choices about their daily routine.

24-hour Assistance by Specially - Trained Staff
Respite Care
22 Private Rooms in each building
Home Cooked Meals
Daily Nursing Supervision
Safety Cameras
Dementia Room Safety System
Daily activities with specialized programs
Local Management Company (Tree of Life Care Group, LLP)
Backyard Patio and Gardens
Alzheimer's Certified Residence
Homemade meals - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and three (3) snacks per day
Housekeeping - deep cleaning one time weekly, with daily restroom checks
Laundry service - personal laundry service
Furnished linens and towels
Furnished private bedroom
4 motor bed with head, feet, torso, height adjustments
Bed controls embedded within foot board for resident safety
Pillow-top mattress with side support to prevent slipping from the edge and a heal skin breakdown prevention mat
Handmade Birch night table and armoire
Individualized resident care plans - Coordination at resident move-in, annual reviews, and as needed upon a resident change in condition (family involvement strongly encouraged during formation of initial care plan and ongoing as needed)
Bathing assistance - three (3) times weekly
Grooming assistance - daily
Dressing assistance - daily
Eating assistance - daily
Activity Program - seven (7) days per week; ten (10) hours per day
Supervision by Alzheimer's trained staff 24x7x365
Daily nursing supervision
Physician and pharmacy communication
Medication supervision and assistance by trained staff
Facility that is completely covered with a monitored sprinkler system
Facility that is completely covered with a 24 hour fire monitoring system
Security safety cameras located in residence public areas and outdoor area in backyard
Resident hourly safety checks during waking hours
Vigil Dementia System - Silent Nurse Call system
Motion sensors in bedroom ceilings that notify staff if resident is raising from bed
Incontinence sensor on the resident bed
Bedroom and restroom door sensors that notify staff if resident is entering or exiting rooms at unusual times or contrary to their usual routine
Secured home that allows freedom of movement in a protective environment
Secured outdoor wandering paths
Freedom Bathtub with spa feature
Walk in safety showers
Corian/Livingstone counter tops in resident bathrooms and throughout the facility
Handmade Birch cabinetry throughout facility
Beauty salon
ADA compliant lift for ease of access to residence
Barrier free environment

Call Directly: (512) 637-5400

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