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Above & Beyond Senior Care in Allentown, Pennsylvania

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Q: My parents are both 77 yrs old and disabled. My mother has MS, can use a walker for brief walks and has a motorized wheelchair for longer trips. My father has difficulty with balance and walking due to failed hip replacement surgeries. He can also do brief walks with a walker. They can both dress and feed themselves and handle most daily activities on their own other than things that require a lot of mobility. Their home was recently destroyed. This was their only asset other than their social security income. They are likely to get no compensation from the loss of their home. We have found them a 1-bedroom unit at a retirement community. They have only been there a few days, but it is possible that their mobility issues may not make this a viable option for them long-term. And the cost is above their monthly income. We are supplementing for now as we research where a better situation might be for them that might also be closer to their monthly income. Looking for any information you can help with. Your pricing, availability, etc, or any advice you might have on resources we can use to help us find the right place for them after this devastating loss. Thank you - Jennifer

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Above and Beyond in Allentown

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Allentown, PA - Above & Behond Personal Care Home

Above & Beyond Personal Care Home Located at 2232 29th Street SW, Allentown, Pennsylvania. 18103-7165

Our personal care homes are family owned and operated, resulting in a more "personal" touch.

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Accommodations range from large efficiency suites to semiprivate rooms
 3 daily meals plus snacks
 all-inclusive rates cover ADL and iADL assistance, including medication administration
 laundry and routine housekeeping weekly
 a variety of activities each day
 24 hour staff supervision with emergency availability via call system
 Coordination with appropriate community agencies, such as PT, OT, Speech, visiting nurses, or hospice care (billed separately)

Phone: (610) 797-4651

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