Whitehall, MI Assisted Living: Featured Facilities & Services


This page was created to provide a thorough, useful, interesting and accurate starting point for your research into Whitehall's handful of assisted living facilities (or Adult Foster Care Homes).

Each facility listed here may be contacted directly and safely!

We also recommend that you visit Senior Resources of Western Michigan, which serves as Whitehall's Area Agency on Aging. Here you'll find additional caregiver support, senior and aging programs, as well as other Aging and Disability resources. Intro by D. Besnette

Whitehall, MI Assisted Living: Featured Facilities & Services

Bush Creek Manor 3 Sm
Bush Creek Manor 2 Sm

Whitehall, MI - Bush Creek Manor

Bush Creek is a private 6 bed assisted living home. We pride ourselves with our loving staff and home cooked meals. We have hands on staff that engage with the residents of Bush Creek

877-345-1716Pricing & Availability
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Assisted Living Options for Whitehall, MI

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White Lake Assisted

White Lake Assisted Living

6827 Whitehall Rd Whitehall, MI 49461

(231) 893-8730

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Additional Support

Question about Facility Costs or Availability: 866-333-6550

Our Michigan assisted living page highlights a great State-sponsored search tool that lists additional senior care options in Whitehall, and the rest of the state!

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