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Sydney Quality Care Assisted Living Facility in Parrish, Florida

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Interesting questions and comments that we have received about Sydney Quality Care and assisted living:

I'm interested in your facility. Can you provide me with information about the price and availability for the present moment. I'm seeking a home-style 6-7 residents facility for my granny,she is 75 and she needs minor assistance.

Q: How many residents do you have in your assisted living home? Also, do you ever do any outside hiring? I am currently working at a assisted living in another city that accommodates approximately 110 residents, as an aide. I was a medical assistant for over 25 years. We are relocating in mid-Sept. to the Parrish area near Ft. Hamer Rd. and I am looking for a job closer to that area. Thank you for taking the time - Carole

Q: Tell me more about your facility. It looks like just a family renting out a room in their home. What qualifications are on the folks who are providing the "assisted living" services?

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Sydney Assisted Living

facility in Parrish, FL

dining area



Parrish, Florida - Affordable assisted living alternative

12003 52nd Ct E
Parrish, FL 34219

We all want the best care for our loved ones, but sometimes that comes at a burdensome price. Some assisted living centers can cost upwards of $7000 per month, and many budget minded nursing homes do not offer very comprehensive care.

We offer the best of both worlds with individualized care in our home located in a quiet county setting with very reasonable rates.

E-mail us directly using the contact form below!

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Private room with TV/DVD and wireless internet access
Fully prepared meals
Laundry service
Assistance with medication
Grooming and hygiene assistance
Transportation for appointments
Fitness and rehabilitation equipment including basketball court
Weekly social activities
arts & crafts
field trips

(941) 504-4239

Contact Sydney Quality Care Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

Facility availability

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