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The Senior Residence at St. Peter the Apostle in River Edge, New Jersey

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Great questions and comments we have received about St. Peter the Apostle Senior Living

Q: I am looking for a senior housing for my parents. They have limited income but still can take care of themselves. A preferable apartment will be one bed room or studio. Thank you, - Nicholas

Q: Just starting the search for assisted living for my father. He is almost 89 a major concern is cost. Can you give us an idea of basic costs and if Medicare covers any costs. I live in the area.
Thank you - Moira

Q: I am looking for senior housing for my mom. She is 85 and has low income. Do you have availability and what is the cost? - Adele

Q: Beginning to look for independent living for my Dad. Can you please send me some information including costs and options. We will be having a sibling meeting soon and would like to present some information. We live in Bergen County. He would only need minimal assistance with medications. - Laura

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St. Peter the Apostle facility seniors

interior view

sitting room

dinnter table

dining hall


exterior of St. Peter facility

River Edge, NJ - The Senior Residence at St. Peter the Apostle

The Senior Residence at St. Peter the Apostle is a supportive, affordable independent senior living community located in a beautiful neighborhood setting in River Edge, NJ. Located on the campus of St. Peter the Apostle Church and adjacent to a Van Saun county park, The Senior Residence is a small close-knit community of seniors who wish to live in a family like environment. We are dedicated to providing compassionate care, a safe environment, quality services, and programs to enrich the lives of seniors. We are passionately committed to providing affordable housing that promotes the health, independence, and social interaction of seniors.

Located at 415 Fifth Avenue, River Edge, NJ

Residence Manager: Gina Principato

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Services and Amenities
Daily meals and snacks
medication management
recreational activities
furnished rooms
laundry services
24 hour onsite caregivers

Direct: 201-225-0707

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