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Peggy's House Assisted Living in Scotch Plains, New Jersey

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Great examples of questions and comments about Peggy's House:

I am looking for a assisted living for my 78 yr old mother. I have two questions: Do you accept residents who are currently in Global Option? If not, what is your private pay requirement before accepting Global Options Waiver? - Jessica

Q: Does your facility accept pets? - Doug

Q: Does Peggy's house accept medicaid after my Mother's assets are gone? Currently my Mom is 89 and was living on her own. I would like a idea regarding cost? - Mary

Q: My father needs a hoyalift. Is that available for him, with the 24/7 care. I would like to find out more please. My mom is also very community-focused and I would like to learn more about activities on and off the campus. Thank you. - Suzann

Q: My brother has cancer ( 59 yrs old second surgery, 8 months in and has never been told terminal). He is somewhat independent,nil in with my sister and needs space. Respite care. Do you provide and what are the costs. Costs aren't on your website. Please reply quickly, in town for a few days. Thanks - Roberta

Q: I am new to this process – my mother in law has been having medical issues over the past few year after suffering from multiple strokes in one day she has no feeling in her left arm as the years have gone on she is getting worse the challenge for us is she is approaching 68 years old but is having issues walking, showering, and going to the bathroom on her own and forgetting things which is very concerning at this point– we are not sure if this is the route to go but its getting hard helping her day to day – she lives alone and we think the time to start to look into assisted options or even full time live in centers may be fast approaching – can you advise what the process to gather information for your facility is – we live in Scotch Plains and would like her close by so I am starting some work to look at centers in my area – can you advise what the process is? Assisted vs. full time? Do you accept medical insurance?

Thank you in advance - Ann

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Peggy's House exterior

senior's bedroom

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facility interior of Peggy's House

Scotch Plains, New Jersey - Peggy's House

Peggy's House - Assisted Living with 24/7 Nursing Located in Scotch Plains, only 10 minutes off the Parkway exit 135 Peggy's House is a unique assisted living facility. Our goal was to provide a home for residents with complex medical needs that traditional ALFs are not equipped to handle. Peggy's House is also the perfect alternative for residents currently in an ALF who are coordinating nurses and home health aides to augment the care provided by the facility. For more information visit our web site at

Peggy's House The Center for Hope Located at 1900 Raritan Road, Scotch Plains, New Jersey. 07076

E-mail directly using the contact form below!

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We Provide
 24/7 nursing care
 physician on call 24/7
 medical case management
 medication management
 services of home health aides providing complete personal care
 a private suite with bathroom and shower furnishings including a flat screen tv and refrigerator, plus WiFi, cable and phone services
 Meals, prepared to order, by our chef, with accommodations made for most special diets and requirements
 individual laundry services daily house-keeping and room cleaning custom shower and spa tub for ambulatory and non-ambulatory residents
 a play room for younger visitors complementary overnight suites for family members (subject to availability)
 concierge services virtual visiting program (for video calls to and from family and friends)
 access to visiting health professionals (such as dentists, optometrists and podiatrists - charges for services are not
included, but may be covered by insurance)

If you have any question or would like to arrange a tour either email Michael directly using the contact form below, or call 908.889.7780 Peggy's House is an all-inclusive residential facility, equipped to handle your individual needs, even as they change.

Contact Peggy's House Directly:

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