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Mountain Valley Manor Assisted Living Facility in Kingston, New York

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Good questions that we have received about Mountain Valley Manor and assisted living:

Q: Do you have Registered Nurses amongst your staff and are you Medicaid Certified?

Q: Was wondering if Mountain Valley Manor administers oxygen? Also what are costs of facility.

Q: Do you have vacancies now? My aunt lives in NYC and requires assisted living. What is the application process? - Maria

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Q: Monthly income maximum?
Monthly contribution?
Availability? - Al

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Mountain Valley Manor Assisted Living

Mountain Valley Manor Bedroom

Assisted Living New York Dining Room

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Kingston, NY - Mountain Valley Manor

Mountain Valley Manor Located at 397 Wilbur Avenue, Kingston, NY. 12401

"In our home, you're on your own, but never alone"
In the City of Kingston located in the heart of the beautiful Hudson Valley, Mountain Valley Manor assisted living facility offers spectacular senior living and first-class amenities and health care. Here you will find a graceful, full and independent lifestyle with all the advantages of city living in beautiful country surroundings. (845) 331-1254

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