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The Lighthouse Inn Assisted Living Facility in Pompano Beach, Florida

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Interesting questions asked by our visitors about the The Lighthouse Inn and assisted living:

My mother is 77 years old and has been living with her sister in Seminole for the past three years since my father's death. The situation has become unbearable for my aunt. My mother has short term memory issues for the last 6 years. She will do things like forget she turned the stove on or put the water on. My mother's income is very limited. She has $1,653 in income a month. Half of that is from social security and half is from a lifetime annuity. My mother should be eligible for the veteran's benefit of $1,057 per month and she will also apply for Medicaid assistance. My mother's doctor is in Seminole. My mother's preference would be to find a facility in the state where I live. I believe the main reason for this is that she is angry with her sister right now. However, I am finding that preference is given to individuals already residents of my state. I have been investigating the possibilities and have realized I also need to look at what is available in Florida. My mother has been living in Florida for the last 17 years. Do you have a private room available and if so what would the cost be? I need to find something for my mother as soon as possible. I would appreciate any help you can provide me during this most difficult time.

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The Lighthouse Assisted Living

Pompano Beach Facility

Swimming Pool

Dining Room


seniors having fun

living area


staff and residents

tv room and books

Pompano Beach - The Lighthouse Inn Assisted Living - Two Locations!

Nestled in the seaside enclave of Pompano-by-the-Sea, The Lighthouse Inn’s two locations offer an unique alternative to institutional-type assisted living facilities. Here at the Inn, we have combined all the old-world charms and amenities of an elite seaside bed and breakfast with the professional, attentive service of a state-of-the-art assisted living residence.

Our Philosophy

At The Lighthouse Inn, we promote the understanding that growth is attainable during all seasons of life and that the best levels of attentive care are achieved in residences that are intimate in size and residential in nature.

We believe The Lighthouse Inn represents a benchmark in design and execution which redefines the concept of adult congregational living residences.


The Lighthouse Inn North
Laurie Reeves

The Lighthouse Inn South
Marie Vega


Two Locations:

The Lighthouse Inn North

3208 NE 11th Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33062

The Lighthouse Inn South
3305 S.E. 5th Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33062

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

24-hour security and supervision
Courteous assistance with personal care and medications
Spacious private and semi-private rooms complete with private bath and patio areas
Fine dining with three gourmet meals, fresh fruit, baked goods with attention to special diets
Daily housekeeping and personal laundry services
Private telephone and cable television available
Lovely landscaped grounds with exotic subtropical vines and citrus trees
Fully stocked entertainment center
Limousine service and transportation arrangement made on request
No endowment fees
Entertainment and activities for residents
Daycare available
Respite Care available
Pool at the North Facility

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