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In Touch Elder Care Assisted Living in Knoxville, Tennessee

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Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability:

"The State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Provides assistance to elderly residing in:
Nursing Homes, Homes for the Aged, Assisted Care Living Facilities, Qualified Mental Health Group Homes." 615-741-2056 ext. 117

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In Touch Elder Care

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Knoxville, Tennessee - In Touch Elder Care

Elder Care in Residential (Single Family Home) Setting When you took your first steps, you held on to her. Now, she leans on your arm just to make it to the table. When you were scared, he chased the monsters from under your bed. He remembers this with a smile, but every now and again, he doesn't remember you. That scares both of you. Facing the need to place beloved family member in a facility may be one of the toughest things you'll ever do. We'd love to show you what a difference a small, residential setting can make.

With over a decade of combined experience providing care in licensed residential care homes, we have an array of satisfied and grateful clients. More than that, senior care has been a lifelong passion and calling for us. And it shows in everything we do. Our residents aren't just residents. They are a vital part of our family.

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Services and Amenities
We provide a wide array of personal care and companionship, including 24-hour supervision
exits equipped with alarms that alert staff any time a door is opened or closed
handicap and wheelchair friendly facilities
wonderful settings in a peaceful residential neighborhoods
supervised medication
daily housekeeping
laundry and linen services
assistance with bathing and dressing
assistance with hygiene
three home-cooked and wholesome meals
nutritional snacks between meals
in-room tray service for residents who are unable to come to the dinning room
special diets for residents with particular dietary needs
and daily activities.

Personalized room decorations and continued involvement with social and religious organizations are always encouraged.

Transportation arrangements are available for a reasonable fee.

Other services may be available upon request

(865) 337-5501

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