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Home Away From Home Assisted Living Facility in Camden, Michigan

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Interesting questions and comments we have received about Home Away from Home

Q: I would like to obtain prices, and the number of residents in your home. Please if possible send prices for semi-private and private rooms - Michelle

Q: My mother is 54 years old, mentally and physically disabled, she can no longer live alone. She is a SSDI / Medicare recipient. She can bath and care for herself, walks with a cane now, but intermittently off meds and need supervision 24/7. - Selina

Q: I am interested in living in a assisted living home that is within the budget of my ssi. I am capable of caring for myself independently, however I have a few mental disabilities which have deemed me unable to successfully hold a job because of mood swings and also I cannot seem to get my medicines right so I have to be hospitalized a few times a year to monitor my medications to ensure they are helping me properly. I can care for myself and like to have THE ABILITY TO CLEAN FOR MYSELF AND DECORATE AND ORGANIZE MY LIVING AREA. I have ssi income of $450 each month. I do not need 24 hour care just a safe, independent living area that I can be safe and protected from harm. - Missy

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Home Away From Home is an assisted living facility located in Camden, Michigan. "A smoke free environment, completely furnished private or semi private rooms, personal assistance with daily activity needs, wheelchair accessible..."

Home Away From Home, Camden MI

Adult Foster Care Home Interior

Camden, Michigan - Home Away From Home Adult Foster Care

Home Away From Home Adult Foster Care
4561 Oak Glen Drive
Camden MI 49232
517-567-8503 Office
517-567-4441 Fax
Email: Please use the contact form below

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

A smoke free environment
completely furnished private or semi private rooms
personal assistance with daily activity needs
wheelchair accessible
games and activities
three homecooked meals and snacks
housekeeping and laundry services
alarm system
smoke detectors
fire extinguisher
24 hour back up generator
additional arranged personal care services available
scheduled transportation for special needs events available

Contact Home Away From Home Directly:

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Facility availability

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