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Assisted Living Tidbits:

Gary is an interesting town from a seniors/assisted living perspective. For starters, it is a large city which will probably soon top the 100,000 mark. In addition, there is a larger than average number of senior citizens living in Gary - 14.1 percent, which is substantially larger than our national average. So why was it so difficult for us to find relevant assisted living and senior services information for Gary?

We first started on the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration website, where they do have a provider lookup page for assisted living (including nursing facilities, adult day service, adult foster care, supportive housing, public transportation and congregate meals). The page, I thought, was a good start - you can check which box/category you are interested in, and then an interactive map populates with assisted living facilities, day services, etc. based on the checkboxes selected. You can hover over the pin points and a small balloon will come up with the facility's basic information, but not much else. I had hoped that you would be able to find out more about the facility by clicking on it - information such as licensed beds, payments accepted, etc. Hopefully this extra level of information will be added in the future.

So, finding specific information on facilities was not as easy as in other states.

We also went to the Gary, Indiana city website, and interestingly (unless I missed it) there is no 'search' function - so I couldn't search for "seniors" or "aging services" easily - and couldn't easily find this information. I had to dig up information about senior centers from other third-party websites.

We did find a .pdf that outlines the very basic information for the categories above, including assisted living in Indiana. Again, this is only basic information, and does not include much else aside from the facility address/location, name and phone number. You can view the .pdf here.

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Assisted Living Directory has created this page to provide a useful place to begin your research into the numerous assisted living options in Gary. As we find them, we will include video tours of facilities, and direct contact information.

Assistance for Seniors, Families, and Caregivers in Gary:

One way for seniors and their loved-ones to obtain assistance, or to have questions relevant to senior issues answered is through their Local Agency on Aging. Currently, Indiana has 16 agencies, which cover each area, and every county of Indiana. For Gary, the AAA would be the Northwest Indiana Community Action, and their Aging & Disability Resource Center.

This agency, and center provides a common portal, or 'entry point' for information and assistance for older citizens. Services provided may include In-home services; Caregiver support; Home-delivered meals; advocacy; Medicaid Waiver information, and more.

Often times, the search for assisted living and senior care services can be confusing for families and seniors. Agencies on Aging can help make sense of what's available, and answer questions on how to proceed. Intro by

Gary Assisted Living: Featured Facilities, Services, and Facility Videos

[Video] Senior Helpers - An Alternative to Assisted Living in Gary

Senior Helpers is a provider of in-home care in the Gary area, helping seniors to stay at home through daily help and assistance.

Help for Gary's Seniors

Assistance For Those Seeking Senior Care in Gary and Lake County

Local experts familiar with assisted living and senior care options in Indiana and Gary are here to help you. This is a free service.

We can help you with simple questions, or through every step of the process if you need dedicated help.

Our consultants can:

Research facilities that fit your needs and personal situation
Find out which facilities fit your budget or insurance
Advise you on the different laws or regulations relevant to assisted living or memory care in Indiana
Let you know which facilities have had safety or health violations
Facilitate introductions and set up tours

Our services are designed to save you time, and to help you make good decisions based on solid information.

Our services are free of charge to every family that we work with!

Assisted Living Facilities & Senior Care Options - Gary

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Lake Park Residential Care, Inc

2075 Ripley St
Lake Station, IN 46405
Phone: (219) 962-9437

Miller Beach Terrace Assisted Living

Miller Beach Terrace

GARY, IN 46403
Phone: (219) 939-3030

Mary Lane Center Adult Foster Care

Adult Day Service:
 Recreational Activities, including Gentle exercise
 Socialization Activities
 Lunch and Snacks
 Health Monitoring

Adult Foster Care:

 Focusing on developing more independence in activities of daily living and self care.
 Personal health and fitness
 Independent living skills
 Formal education (vocational or collegiate)
 Transitioning to independent living.

4859 Georgia St
Gary, IN 46409
Phone: (219) 980-1625

Transitions - Assisted Living Facility

Transitions assisted living

(219) 985-0572
501 W Ridge Rd
Gary, Indiana 46408

Additional Support


Brunswick Park Senior Center
775 Clark Road
Gary, IN 46404
Phone: 219-944-1595

Gary Community Health Center
1021 W 5th Ave
Gary, IN 46402
(219) 880-1190

Linden House of Gary - Senior Citizens Center
1500 Washington Street
Gary, IN 46407-2100
(219) 885-1534

Assisted Living Facilities, Senior and Long Term Care in Gary, Indiana (IN)

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