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Brighton Gardens Assisted Living Facility in Atlanta (Vinings), Georgia

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Assisted Living Association of Georgia (ALAG):
  • Phone: 770-489-1440
Elder Abuse:
  • Report suspected abuse by calling 800-677-1116

Assisted Living Tidbits

Vinings is a small town...almost a suburb of larger Atlanta, located to the northwest of the metro area, and just to the southeast of Smyrna. Currently, Vinings is home to approximately 10,000 people. Of this population, there are about 775 people who are over the age of 65 (seniors), which represents 8.8% of the population of Vinings, which is significantly lower than our national average of 12.6%. However, for such a small town, or area, having the better part of 1000 people considered as seniors is nothing to take for granted. Fortunately, there are adequate senior services and programs available to those seniors living in Vinings (assisted living or not).

A great way to find out about senior services where you live - and we will use Vinings as an example - is to do an internet search for the county you live in, and then the phrase 'Agency on Aging.' We do this by county since agencies on aging are always designated territories based on county, and many agencies (or AAA's), cover multiple, and at times dozens of counties.

For Vinings, we did our search for Cobb county Georgia, and the first result was the State of Georgia's Division on Aging Services, and their Local Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) page. We were pleased with the ease, and functionality of the page, since it allows visitors to choose a county from a drop-down, or even by city. There is also an interactive map that allows users to select their county, or region in Georgia. For people who are visually inclined, like me, this was really helpful.

I chose to use the map, and went to the Metro Atlanta Region, and learned that the Agency on Aging for Cobb County is the Atlanta Regional Commission, with the following contact information:

Atlanta Regional Commission
40 Courtland Street, NE
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 404.463.3100

Aging Connection: 404.463.3333

Many agencies also have websites, and the website for the Area Agency on Aging, Atlanta Regional Commission can be visited here. The site welcomes visitors, and immediately describes what it, and the commission does. The Commission "is your first stop in the Atlanta region for information about services and programs for older adults such as housing options, retirement planning, in-home services, leisure and recreation activities, volunteer, educational opportunities and much more."

We recommend that any senior, regardless of city or location, look into the many services and programs that may be offered by your local agency on aging. You will likely be surprised at the wide range of offerings that may be found, often times free of charge, or at a very small fee.

Good questions we have received about Brighton Gardens, and about assisted living that should serve as examples of the types of questions you might consider asking your potential facility:

I am inquiring on behalf of a former work colleague of mine (he is still employed, I just moved to another agency). He is in his late 40's/early 50's and is unable to live on his own due to partial mental handicap (I do not know the specifics). His mother that he lived with and depended on for help and to provide him with transportation just passed away this week. Myself and several people that he currently works with are concerned about how he will care for himself. What are the criteria for him applying for residency at this location?

I'm looking for an assisted-living situation for my 50 year-old brother who is mentally challenged and on disability. He has a learning disability and cannot handle his own affairs living on his own so I'm hoping to find an environment that he may be able to live in that would give him peace and community involvement. He does not need any physical assistance. He's currently living with my parents but they are elderly and unable to continue to oversee and assist him. Do you know of any place that might suit his needs if you feel your property wouldn't’t be a good fit?

Do you offer personal care such as, cleaning services, and someone to run errands?

What are the possible accommodations for couples in you ALF, and do you accept medicare or medicaid? If not what are your prices. I am a former ALF admin.

Do you need any volunteers? I would love to help out around your facility.

Do you accept CCSP, and do you have facilities for a couple to live together?

Hello, I am in search of a home for my uncle who has previously suffered a stroke. He is in his mid 50's. Please send any information such as, pricing, room availability, and any types of rehab he may be able to utilize (speech therapy). He is fairly independent; however, needs someone to check up on him daily.

My wife will be a widow in the not-distant future. She cannot live alone and may require some limited help (laundry, cleaning, making medical appointments). Our son lives in another town and will help.

Are these individual style apartments, studio or one bedroom and do you accept medicaid - medicare - or a government subsidized apt? If so when can an appointment be set up to see your facility?.

I am beginning the search for my parents to move into an assisted living facility. Since I have limited time to investigate facilities I would like to know a general idea of your fees so I can decide the next step. My parents need housing, meal service, cleaning service, transportation to doctors appointments and some basic assistance.

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Brighton Gardens Assisted Living Facility Atlanta


Atlanta, Georgia - Make yourself at home at Brighton Gardens of Vinings

Phone: 770-435-4477
Atlanta, Georgia

Home is where you can be yourself and greet the world your own way. Everything we do at Brighton Gardens of Vinings is designed to enhance the dignity, independence and individuality of our residents. Located near historic Vinings, convenient to I-285 and just minutes from Cumberland Mall, Buckhead and downtown Atlanta, Brighton Gardens of Vinings is perched above the heart of the Vinings community with a stunning view of downtown Atlanta's skyline. We pride ourselves in our individualized service plans, pet-friendly policy, activities programming seven days a week, and gourmet meals. We also offer a physical, occupational, and speech therapy provider on-site.

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Individualized service plans
Pet-friendly policy
Gourmet meals
Physical therapy provider on-site
Occupational provider on-site
Speech therapy provider on-site


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