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Beehive Assisted Living Facility in Sheridan, Wyoming

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Wyoming Department of Health:

"Our mission is to promote, protect, and enhance the health of all Wyoming citizens. The Wyoming Department of Health is the primary state agency for providing health and human services. We administer programs maintaining the health and safety of all citizens of Wyoming and our primary approach in solving health problems is prevention." Website

Alzheimer's Association:

Great Plains Chapter - Serving Wyoming.

Elder Abuse:

Report suspected abuse by calling 800-677-1116

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A resident at this Beehive of Sheridan Facility


Sheridan, WY - Beehive of Sheridan

"The Bee Hive Homes of Sheridan assisted living services are focused on providing a safe, healthy, and family like environment for all of our Bee Hive Homes residents. We look forward to hearing from you." Web

Bee Hive Homes Sheridan Located at 561 Avoca Ave., Sheridan, WY. 82801
Phone: 307-672-1881

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

safe, healthy, and family like environment
emphasis placed on personal care
private bedrooms
24X7 staffing
delicious, dietitian approved meals
assisted living,
independent living,
memory care facility,
senior independent living,
nursing home

& much more!

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