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Autumn Years Assisted Living Facility in Chandler, Arizona

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Autumn Years Assisted Living in Chandler, Arizona
Chandler, Arizona - Autumn Years in Historic Downtown Chandler

Downtown Chandler is the perfect setting for our unique 17 room Assisted Living Center. We are small enough to offer a personal touch from our high quality, caring staff, but large enough to offer great benefits such as regular holiday parties, sing-a-longs, arts and crafts, and more.

Autumn Years Care Center is located at 217 N. Washington St, Chandler AZ 85225


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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Independent living
assisted living
respite care
AHCCCS insurance welcomed.

For a tour and information, contact Jenny or Robyn at 480-899-5306 from 8am-4pm.

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