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Assumption Village Assisted Living Facility in Portland, Oregon

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Interesting questions from our site visitors about assisted living in the Portland Area and about Assumption Village:

Q: Hello. I am helping my parents to find an assisted living facility in Portland.My mother just qualified for Medicaid ALF level 4. My father does not yet qualify, but could pay as a second person if they shared an apartment. Do you accept Medicaid, and, if so, do you have any openings for such a couple?

Q: We are relocating to Portland this summer. Currently my mother (age 80) is living with her sister (age 85!) out of state. We are trying to get as prepared as we can in case we should need to move my Mother out with us at a moment's notice. She is currently living on just her Social Security (which isn't very much). Can you give me an idea of the range of prices in your facility? I know that in our state there are facilities that accept Medicaid as payment. Does Oregon have a similar offering? Thank you for helping me do my homework!

Q: I am re-locating in two/three years to Oregon and would like information on your facilities - costs including. I plan on taking a trip to Oregon later this year.

Q: I am looking for assisted living for my mother, recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's - do you have any openings at this time for a patient paying with Medicaid funds? Do you have a waiting list?

Q: Hello,
I need help and am not sure where to start. My mother in law ended up without a place to live and has been living with us since December. She is a diabetic and has numerous health issues. She is a big lady and my hubby and I are sure if she fell in the bathtub or anywhere else for that matter there would be no way for us to get her out.I do know she has Medicaid and Medicare. Weare trying to find a low income place where she can live. I would appreciate any help you can give us. Thank you, - Lonnie

Q: I have a friend who really wants a studio at Assumption. He has SS disability income and is able to walk and care for himself. If you can please tell me the age a person must be to live in Assumption and the price of a studio without meals I would appreciate it.


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Assumption Village Portland Assisted Living

view of assisted living facility in Portland

Portland, Oregon - Warm, Comfortable and Homey - Assumption Village

Warm, Comfortable and Homey
Assumption Village
9121 N Burr Ave
Portland, OR 97203

Housing Coordinator
E'lan Calise

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Assisted and Independent Living Facility
Studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments
Full time nurse on staff
Medication and personal services available



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