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Angel House Assisted Living Facility, Pembroke Pines, Florida

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Interesting feedback and questions we have received that illustrate the vastly differing issues and concerns people might have regarding assisted living, and Angel House. These may serve as examples of the types of questions you might ask facilities you are interested in:

Q: My questions are how far is your location to Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach. Are there any open spots and What does the cost run. I'm from MD my mother is 86 living alone at time and need assistance searching for possibilities. Would appreciate a response - Sandra T.

Q: I am looking for an Assisted living facility for my mother age 70 in October. She wants her own apt but needs food served and med's distributed. Is this the place for her? Can you recommend one if not. We are moving from the midwest the weekend of July 25. My husband and I are relocating and hope to find a place for her in Pembroke Pines. I really could use your help pointing me in the right direction.

Q: Do you accept a resident with a mental health illness? What are your fees for monthly/ yearly? what is your patient/caregiver ratio? what levels of care do you provide?

Q: I am interested to know how much you charge for a single room and care. My sister is 69 years old and is recuperating from a broken hip. She needs companion care and is living on Social Security and disability compensation as well as receiving housing payment from the government. She has mild dementia, but, has a wonderful nature. Will she be suited for your Angel home?

Q: We have one senior that is starting with memory loss. 80 years and speaks only spanish. Is your facility able to care for her?

Q: Do you take medicare/medicaid, and do you have a flier or brochure? What are the requirements to live at Angel House? My mom is 84 years old she has Medicare/Humana

Q: The ages of my parents is 87 and 94. My mother is gradually losing her memory and I am worried. My family and friends suggested finding an Assisted Living Facility. Do you have married couples staying at this facility and what is the cost? Also, I wanted to find out if you accept Veteran's benefits as well.

Q: I am looking for a safe caring place for my mother. she's 71 with mental illness. Still mobile and very capable of taking care of most of her needs. Do you have a bed available? or in the near future? Is there a process that has to be done? or a waiting list?

Q: Do you offer short term stays (respite care) such as 3-4 weeks?

Q: My name is Steve and I live in Miami yet my mother lives in Pembroke Pines. I need information regarding your facility what you may have and pricing which is the big concern as money is tight.

She has onset of Dementia and has a care giver but for 8 hours a day, she has a long term care policy that pays for this thru Pioneer it called Freedom Care. You are the first people I have contacted and have no idea what might be involved in this so I am looking for some assistance.

Q: My mother has to go out everyday to mall and if someone does not get her by 11:00 she goes out the door and walks / wanders. Do you provide any outings. Example, she called me 9:30 this am to go the store and asked if I took her car. I did take her away 2 yrs ago but she still demands it back. I feel this is going to be very difficult for me because she does get nasty with me, I have a woman that takes her out everyday, but of course she thinks it is once a month. Please let me know.

Q: My friend is on medicaid, receives a small widow's pension from the VA and will be eligible for her husband's SS disability when she turns 60 the end of April. She is mentally disabled and is awaiting an answer from SSI to see if she is eligible to receive anything from them. Do you accept this type of person or do you know of a place that does. Please leave a message on my home phone and I will return the call after work.

Q: My mother was approved for a Medicaid Waiver for an assisted living facility. Would this cover your costs? If it does would you have an opening for April? Thanks!!!!

Q: I need more information regarding cost of your facility. I am trying to find something affordable for my grandmother in law. She has Humana and is in need of companionship.

Q: Interested in private room for Mary, my 93 year old grandmother who had a stroke.


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On this page: direct and safe Contact This Facility Directly!

Angel House Pembroke Pines, Florida

Angel House Family Room

Angel House Living Area

Angel House Assisted Living


Pembroke Pines, Florida - Angel House Non-Profit Assisted Living & Senior Assistance

E-mail Angel House directly: Please use the contact form below

Angel House offers warm family-style Assisted Living in beautiful Pembroke Pines, FL.

Doreen Campbell, Administrator.. Please e-mail using the contact form below.

Angel House has a total of 6 beds, in 4 individually-decorated rooms.

Our master suite accommodates 2 in spacious comfort, with their own private bath.

Bring your own furniture or use ours.

Your favorite chair is welcome in our spacious family room, and we have a lift chair/rocking recliner.

Of course Angel House has all requisite fire safety etc and we're licensed and insured. Please contact us for details, or to arrange a visit. (954) 476-5085

Angel House Located at 10810 20th St NW, Pembroke Pines, FL. 33026

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Angel House's features also include:

Superior staff to resident ratio assures your loved ones individual attention.
We also offer fenced/heated pool, scheduled activities/parties,
Safe and serene family neighborhood with Spacious individual and common rooms,
Delicious and Nutritious Family-style Meals,
Stainless appliances, laminate & tile floors
No Carpet Allergens, artwork, faux walls...
Bright and welcoming - not at all institutional
Adult Day Care
Angel House is Home, where Love is spoken, in english and in spanish....

Direct: (954) 476-5085 

Contact Angel House Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

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