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Academy Villas Assisted Living Facility in Tucson, Arizona

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As we, or our loved ones get older, sometimes the ability, and desire to be assertive have become a thing of the past. Many seniors, due to conditions such as Alzheimer's or other dementias simply don't know how to ask for what they need - or have lost the ability to 'stand their ground.'

This is an unfortunate reality for many seniors - especially since it is at a time in life where there might not be strong family support - or perhaps a spouse that is still living and healthy to act as your "voice" if you have lost yours...

Perhaps this is one reason that seniors can be easy targets for people with less than honorable intentions - such as assisted living facilities with marginal or bad track records, or caregivers who may be less than scrupulous with the belongings of the person under their care.

This is all why we wrote our article about being an assertive senior - with some tips on how to be assertive, or to find a family member or friend to speak and act on your behalf.

Great assisted living questions we have received about Academy Villas:

Q: Hi, My mother is looking for assisted living. She has Parkinson's but is currently independent her ADL's and manages her own medication. She needs assistance with housekeeping and meals. Questions: cost, living space, services, availability. Thanks. - Kim

Q: My 78 yr old mother has frontotemporal dementia, and has been asked to relocate from her one bedroom apt at The Forum Assisted Living. What is the cost for a private room, and do you have availability?

Q: Hi, My mother is looking for assisted living, possibly with Academy Villas. She has Parkinson's but is currently independent her ADL's and manages her own medication. She needs assistance with housekeeping and meals. My questions: cost, living space, services, availability.

Q: Do you accept short-care assistance and tri-care insurance - Debra

Q: I am considering moving my Dad from another facility in Tucson. What is the total number of residents you have? Are you accepting new residents? What is your cost range? He suffers from vascular dementia. Thank you. - Diane

Q: Although my mother has all her mental faculties, she is in a wheelchair and would need assistance with showering, transportation, and meal prep/set up. - Sara

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Academy Villas assisted living

facility interior

Tucson assisted living

kitchen area

outdoor view of the mountains


Tucson, Arizona - Academy Villas- Premier Assisted Living

Facility information and photos were provided by Academy Villas, and they may be contacted directly below!

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Academy Villas is an assisted living facility located in Tucson, Arizona. Academy Villas, on the renowned Academy Village campus, are part of a growing movement in the United States to provide assisted living care in an environment that is culturally stimulating, meaningfully communal and highly personalized. Nestled in the foothills of the Rincon Mountains in Tucson Arizona, the campus is situated in a stunning landscape...

Academy Villas Located at 13775 E. Langtry Lane, Tucson, AZ. 85747

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

All 3 levels of assisted living care
Assistance with medications
Beauty salon
Fitness classes
3 home cooked meals daily
Whirlpool baths available

(520) 647-7500

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