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A New Age of Senior Care Assisted Living Facility in West Palm Beach, Florida

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Interesting questions and comments about assisted living that we have received about this A New Age and assisted living:

Q: I would like to check your facility out for my brother. Also, do you accept VA funds for his placement in this facility?

Q: I need to know the monthly payment options for your facility. Do you take Medicaid?

Comment: Please forward information on respite costs AND full-time resident costs. We have an elderly (female) friend from central FL who is going to come live with us in WPB. If she moves into your facility, what happens when she becomes really ill? (She is 93 and in GREAT shape!)
Thanks - Tony


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A New Age Senior Care is a beautiful facility that serves seniors in the West Palm Beach area, and can accommodate 6 residents.

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facility bedroom

living area seniors

outdoor gazebo


West Palm Beach, Florida - A New Age of Senior Care at Wellington

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"A New Age of Senior Care is an assisted living facility located in West Palm Beach, Florida. "14 Bed Assisted Living Facility, Indedent Living Facility, Adult Day Care, Respite Care, Secured Grounds, CC Camera Systems, 3 Meals Dailys, Snacks, Private Bedrooms and Bathrooms available."

A New Age of Senior Care at Wellington Located at 1074 Hyacinth Pl, West Palm Beach, FL. 11924

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

6 Bed Assisted Living Facility
Indedent Living Facility
Adult Day Care
Respite Care
Secured Grounds
CC Camera Systems
3 Meals Dailys
Private Bedrooms and Bathrooms available.

Ph: (561) 459-2597

Contact A New Age of Senior Care Directly:

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