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Woodland Ridge Assisted Living Facility in Smyrna, Georgia

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Assisted Living Association of Georgia (ALAG):

Phone: 770-489-1440

Elder Abuse:

Report suspected abuse by calling 800-677-1116

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Interesting questions we have received about Woodland Ridge assisted living -

Does this facility take folks with dementia and/or people under the age of 50 who cannot bathe themselves or have trouble with personal hygiene?

Q: My sons' father suffered a severe brain injury, yet is very active. We had to pull him out of a rehab facility in another state because they were neglectful and abusive and the day my son picked him up, the Adminstrator, Chief Nursing Officer and his casesworker were all fired or resigned under investigation. My 28 yo son thought he could care for his father at home in Smyrna, but within 2 weeks he found himself working with Smyrna Police to find him over a 12 hour search overnight when he wandered off and got lost. We don't know anything about the Medicaid/Medicare system in Georgia and having trouble even finding how to get him to doctors or occupational therapists while my son is working 10 hours a day, much less keep him safe as he wandered off when my son ran to the store for an hour Friday and returned to find him gone. He's only 57 and has the mind/interests of a 30 year old. Do you have any patients like this and would medicare/Medicaid cover him staying at your Woodland Ridge facility ? Your facility is on my son's way home from work so he could visit daily. - Danielle

Interview With Carrie Springer of Woodland Ridge in Smyrna, GA

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Woodland Ridge Assisted Living in Smyrna

Woodland Ridge Video "In The News":

Smyrna, Georgia - Woodland Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care

Woodland Ridge Located at 4005 Cobb Dr S, Smyrna, Georgia. 30080

By combining gracious surroundings with our unique approach to service, Woodland Ridge Assisted Living acts as a partner in creating quality lifestyles for our residents. We give our residents and families’ peace of mind, family unity and most importantly, time to enjoy each other.

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Personalized assessment, risk profiling and daily care management plan.
Dietary management and nutrition / hydration program
Exercise, rehabilitation and wellness programs
Medication management program
24-hour watchful oversight
CaraSyst® Systems- integrating high-tech with old fashioned care
Friends for Life program
Comprehensive activities program by a trained activities professional
Nurse on staff
Long-term stable staff
Partnerships with outside agencies to provide in-home services such as one-to-one 24-hour sitters when recovering from illness or injury, home health agencies to provide skilled care when appropriate, hospice agencies, durable medical equipment companies to provide assistive devices, physical therapy specialists to aid in regaining or maintaining mobility, and more
Attendance at physician visits and resident advocacy
Visiting physicians and/or transportation to medical appointments
Specialized program for the memory impaired in a secured neighborhood within the community
Within a mile of Emory Adventist Hospital and other medical care professionals
A 501(c)3 (not-for-profit) corporation under the continuous management of CaraVita Senior Care since its inception
We share a 50-acre wooded campus with Ridgeview Institute, a nationally recognized, premier mental health facility

(770) 431-7055

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