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Valencia Manor Assisted Living Facility in San Bernardino, California

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Q: Do you accept Medicare and Medi-Cal payments at this facility? - Suzi

Q: I am looking for a small facility for a 97 year old wheelchair bound female who has had a stroke. She has many specific needs, including access to 24 hour care. - Donn

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Valencia Manor Assisted

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San Bernardino, California - Valencia Manor Care Where we do it right!

Our goal will always be to provide an exceptional quality of life in an elegant and casual atmosphere where your loved one can live in a safe, comfortable social environment. This site is designed to take you on a tour of our incredible residential care facility for the elderly (RCFE Lic# 366423561). We hope you enjoy your visit.

3455 Valencia Ave.
San Bernardino CA

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The following basic services are available to all residents at Valencia Manor Residential Care Home. The services provided are based on the resident's pre-admission appraisal, subsequent reappraisals, and the required needs and services plan. At admission, the resident shall indicate which services are desired and needed.

Furnished bedroom.
3 Meals per day as well as between meal snacks. Modified diets are provided at the recommendation of the the resident's physician and with dietary consultation.
Cleaning of the resident's room a minimum of one time per week or as frequently as needed.
Weekly linen changes for bed and bath or as needed (additional charges if more than two times per week.)
Linens and towels and weekly cleaning of linens and towels.
Scheduled transportation arrangements within a 20 mile radius to meet the health and dental needs of the resident.

Please be aware that we will make every effort to meet your scheduling needs, however, we request that all appointments are scheduled with a minimum 3 day notice. Last minute appointment requests will be accommodated on availability.

A planned activity program.
Assistance with activities of daily living, i.e. bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding.
24-hour observation, care and supervision as required.
Bedside care, including tray service, for a maximum of 3 days for a minor and temporary illness.
Care for residents with an appropriately staged dementia.
Daily assistance with taking prescribed, non-prescribed and PRN medications as ordered by the physician.
Daily monitoring and appropriate reporting to physician and responsible party of resident needs and condition.
There is Charter TV Basic Cable supplied by Valencia Manor to the entire facility. Also there is adequate signal strength and phone wall connections for the resident to order phone, internet, and HD TV in all the bedrooms if resident desires any of these services.


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