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The Woodlands Assisted Living Facility in McCalla, Alabama

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Some examples of good questions that we have received about The Woodlands assisted living - which can serve as examples of good questions for you to ask facilities and administrators:

Q: What is the price to live in this community? Is there any federal benefits for people over age 65 to live at The Woodlands?

Q: Looking for a place to put both in-laws in the same room. She has Dementia and he has Alzheimer's. Do you an apartment available and what are the fees? - Jean

***An excellent question, since each condition may require different needs. It's also wise to ask if they will be able to 'age in place' in the same room as their conditions progress. - ALD

Q: Would like to visit your assisted living facility as a possibility for my mother who is 91. My sister and I would like to visit without my mother initially. - Carolyn

Q: Please just send me a brochure or an email regarding your services and what you have to offer (along with the costs of care). My mother has severe dementia. She now receives only Social Security monthly. We have been working with VA to get her aid and attendance, but it takes a long time to get anything approved. My brother and I are now sharing responsibility of her care. We need to find something close to my brother in Alabama, since my mother lives in AL and has her home there. - Carol

Q: I attend Tannehill Valley Baptist Church. I am interested in finding out if it would be possible for a group of elementary aged girls to visit and bring a small gift to the residents. I know you may have specific requirements, so I wanted to find out. THANK YOU- Jennifer

Q: Do you offer occupational therapy to the residents at the facility? Also, do you currently have any occupational therapy job positions available? I am an occupational therapist who recently moved to the area and am currently searching for a (preferably full-time)position. - Amy

***We recommend looking at our get a job section for job-seeking tips in the assisted living industry! - ALD

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On this page: direct and safe Contact This Facility Directly!
The Woodlands is an assisted living facility located in McCalla, Alabama. "All private apartments with private baths, individually controlled heat and air, three meals daily, Respite care..."

The Woodlands is an assisted living facility that is situated in a lovely wooded area of McCalla, Alabama

This is a view of the interior of this residence for seniors, with areas for socialization and activities

The Woodlands has wonderful little 'nooks' like this to read, relax and enjoy


McCalla, Alabama - The Woodlands Assisted Living

Facility information and photos were provided directly by The Woodlands Assisted Living, and they may be contacted directly

All private apartments with private baths, individually controlled heat and air, three meals daily, Respite care, satellite tv and telephone, dining room, courtyard and garden, patio, library, Chapel-Religious services, emergency response system, activities room.

E-mail us directly using the contact form below!

The Woodlands Assisted Living Located at 8071 Kimbrell Cut-Off Road, McCalla,, Alabama. 35111

Street ViewTip: Drag this icon within the map below for a virtual 'street view'


Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Assistance with bathing
dressing and grooming
Assistance with medications
reminders of meals and activities
linen and laundry service
Exercise daily
beauty/barber shop
24 hour staff.

(205) 776-4663

Contact The Woodlands Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

Facility availability

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