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The Kenwood Assisted Living in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Q: Do you accept Elderly Waiver? Studio? 1bedroom? Must I share a room? - Patty

Q: Hi! I am looking for assisted living facilities for my father. He's 70 years old and has Parkinson's. He currently lives at home with my mother, and she takes care of him. We're looking to plan for the future. - Kaley

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Minneapolis Skyline

The Kenwood

Seniors at the Kenwood

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Exersice class at The Kenwood

Minneapolis, MN - The Kenwood

At The Kenwood, you don’t have to choose between stimulating urban living or the harmony of a close-knit community. Along with our panoramic view of the downtown Minneapolis skyline, The Kenwood offers the best of both worlds.

The Kenwood combines independent and assisted living apartments with high-quality services, amenities, activities and personal care. Our experienced, professional staff – including homecare nurses and social workers – are licensed and certified in their fields. The Kenwood is registered by the state of Minnesota as a housing with services establishment with a Class F homecare license.

Living at The Kenwood means seniors can keep their independence while receiving care in the privacy of their own apartment. Three assisted living packages have been created tailored to meet each residents’ unique needs. A professional assessment is completed to determine which service package is right for you.

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Services Offered
 Continental breakfast
 Weekly housekeeping
 All utilities plus maintenance
 Emergency call system
 24hr Home Health available
 Small pets welcome
 Heated, underground parking
 Restaurant style meal
 24hr concierge service
 hundreds of events and activities each month
 Medication management
 RN case management

For more information call 612-374-8100 or visit our website

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