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The Arches Assisted Living Facility in Northfield, New Hampshire

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Interesting questions and comments that we have received about The Arches and assisted living:

Hello, I have a 69 yr old mother with memory loss. She has Medicare and Medicaid. Do you accept both or either and what is the monthly fee?

Q: I am inquiring for my neighbor who is a 93 year old veteran with dementia and otherwise healthy. His wife is blind and has mobility issue and can't care for him. Do you have immediate availability in your facility for him? - Rosa

Q: How many residents are you licensed for? what are your rates? Do you assist w/ VA benefits (my dad is WWII Vet)? Do you have nurses 24/7 or do you employ aides for night shift w/Nurse on call? - Susan


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The Arches Assisted Living Facility

Northfield, NH facility

Northfield, New Hampshire - The Arches - A Home-Like Environment for those with Alzheimer’s & Memory Loss

9 Summer St., Northfield, NH 03276

Uniquely equipped to provide comprehensive assisted care, The Arches is an ideal assisted living community for those among the more-than four-million Americans challenged by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

The care given to each resident is our first priority, and the quality of that care is second to none. Our staff is extensively trained to professionally and compassionately attend to those experiencing the varied challenges associated with memory loss or with any of Alzheimer’s three stages.

(603) 286-4077

Betty Ann


Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Around-the-clock staffing
High staff-resident ratio
Daily personal care – unlimited as needed
Complete medication management
Nurses on staff
Ongoing access to Podiatrist
Geriatric Psychiatrist and any necessary medical attention
Physical, emotional and mental activation programs – multi-level failure-free
Nutrition and dietary management
Three meals served each day
Daily housekeeping and laundry services
Accelerated care as needed – contact us for details

Facility availability

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