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The Arbors at St. Barnabas Assisted Living Facility

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Q: Starting the process of looking for assisted living for my father who will be 80 yrs old next month. Would like to have pricing on your assisted living. He does not have many limitations.

Q: I am interested in the field of assisted living. I have been pointed in the direction of assisted living certifications for Pennsylvania. Are there any recommendations you would have in selecting which certification and from where? For an administrator position, which certification would you accept?

Thank you for your help. With my masters in business management, this certification may be a great way for me to enter the assisted living field.

***We think that anyone interested in the field of assisted living would do well to network with, and ask questions of existing facilities and their owners/operators. We have found that many of these folks love to talk about the industry and share their knowledge with the rest of us! - ALD

Q: My mother is 96 years old has limited finance. I am currently looking at places to see what we can afford. I would appreciate any information you can give me about your charges and The Arbors. - Helen

Q: Good afternoon. We are beginning the search for Assisted Living Facilities for my mother in law. She is 75-years-old and has MS. Her walking is not very good tho she still gets around with her walker. I was wondering a few things. Do you have to make an appointment to visit to see what the facility is like, is a waiting list and what your charges are? We are in the process of applying for Medical Assistance to see if she would qualify. - Trish

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The Arbors at St. Barnabas

The Arbors Facility Photos Valencia Pennsylvania

Valencia, Pennsylvania (Just Outside of Pittsburgh) - The Arbors at St. Barnabas

The Arbors Located at 85 Charity Place, Valencia, Pennsylvania. 16059

Assisted living, apart from the ordinary! The Arbors at St. Barnabas is an assisted living facility that is housed in an elegantly renovated historic property. The Arbors is a high quality solution for persons who need compassionate support in a residential environment. The Arbors is located just outside of Pittsburgh.

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Services and amenities include, but not limited to:
We provide options to meet budgetary needs
Four levels of care ranging from basic supervision to extensive assistance and monitoring
Four residential options
Access to nursing staff daily
Around the clock care attendants
Physical, occupational and speech therapists
Recreational opportunities
On-site therapy
Worship services

(724) 687-9240

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