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Tender Loving Care Assisted Living Facility in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Some good examples of questions and comments received about Tender Loving Care, which can serve as examples of the types of questions you and your family may ask facility administrators:

Q: Monthly fees?

Q: Do you have a waiting list and list of fees charged.

Q: Hello. What is the cost for living in your home? We are starting to look at options for our mother who has Alzheimer's.

Q: I am looking for a place for my parents, my dad has incontinence, and needs help dressing and bathing, which my mom usually does. Could you please email me more information regarding Tender Loving Care. Please include prices, conditions etc. I am looking to place them ASAP. - Raji

Q: I am interested in care for my mom and we will not be able to afford private pay. We will be applying for her to receive Medicaid. Do you have any currently availability in your residential care facility? - Karl

Q: My mom lives in Las Vegas and is becoming no longer able to live independently. I'm interested in what your monthly rates are and how you select residents for your facility. - Abe

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Tender Loving Care Logo

Tender Loving Care residence

senior and nurse at facility

facility interior

Dr. Shawn of assisted living Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada - Tender Loving Care Assisted Living Facility

Tender Loving Care Senior Residence

Dr Shawn McGivney RFA
1401 Casa Del Rey Court
Las Vegas, NV 89117

(702) 228-2994

Email us directly: Please use the contact form below!

Las Vegas Assisted Living Home and Senior Care
Tender Loving Care Senior Residence is a unique Las Vegas assisted living home for seniors. We provide high quality senior care in a cozy, family style, single family home for no more than 10 residents. All of the residents here enjoy the active community lifestyle our home offers.

Beyond our private rooms and gourmet meals, our senior services include custodial care, medication management, activities, and a focus on emotional health and wellness as well as specialized care for Alzheimer's and dementia if needed. We offer continuity of care that most other assisted living communities do not. For example, we offer a hospital visitor program and accompanied doctor visits as part of our all inclusive flat rate.

Tender Loving Care Senior Residence is family owned and operated by an MD and two RN's. (Three siblings: One MD and Two RNs)

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Our Residence
Large Single-Family Home
Less Than 10 Residents
Private and Shared Rooms
Family Entertainment Room
Large Bathrooms
Computer and Internet
On-Site Beauty Salon
Large Pool and Spa
Landscaped Yard

Our Services
Family-style Custodial Care
Personal Care Assistance
Medication Management
Extensive Amenities
Physical and Memory Care
Creative Activities


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