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Roseleaf Senior Living in Chico, California

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Roseleaf Senior Living

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Chico, California - Roseleaf Senior Living & Memory Care

Roseleaf Gardens set the standard for what assisted living with memory care should be for our elderly residents. Roseleaf Gardens is situated in an established senior community, and offers indoor and outdoor living that includes access to an expansive, and glorious, garden area that is without equal. Our program focuses on the care of Alzheimer's Disease and other conditions associated with dementia.

Roseleaf Gardens is a gated and secure community that provides a safe and comfortable care environment for those needing more targeted memory care and, at the same time, affords a living situation, and level of care, that caters to a diverse set of needs, preferences, and individuals. Roseleaf Gardens consists of two villas, each of which accommodates up to 28 residents. Within each villa, there are four family units that allow for focused care to a smaller group of individuals. Each villa also has a lovely, and lively, community lounge area that facilitates interactions between residents from different family units, and which is ideal for facilitating both structured, and unstructured, social and recreational activities. Roseleaf Gardens, like its sister facility Roseleaf Senior Care, promotes, balances, and combines the benefits of smaller, and larger, care communities into one exceptional care environment.

Roseleaf Senior Care and Roseleaf Gardens have something to offer everyone, and you can rest assured that Roseleaf will continue to provide the intimate, personal, and unsurpassed care that you have come to expect. So we ask you, once again, to let us care for you!

2770 Sierra Ladera Lane, Chico, CA 95928
Phone: 530-899-0911

License# 045002446

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Services Offered
 Alzheimer's/Memory Care
 Assisted Living
 Hospice Care

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