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Pleasant Valley Cottage Assisted Living Facility in High Ridge, Missouri

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My brother is only 52, but has been diagnosed with dementia, and needs a 'secure' place . I don't think he is in a good place right now, it is an assisted living, but I can never get any info on him.

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Pleasant Valley Cottage is an assisted living facility located in High Ridge, Missouri. " owned and operated by our nine member, Christian Home Schooled family"

Pleasant Valley Cottage assisted living

back yard

living area

floor plan

High Ridge, Missouri - "Assistance is Right Next Door" Private, Personal Assisted Living

Pleasant Valley Cottage is owned and operated by our nine member, Christian Home Schooled family.The two family dwellings are attached, which provide for convenience and security in caring for others. This is a two bedroom, fully furnished, apartment with all electric appliances.

Pleasant Valley Cottage goes the extra mile, to provide residents with a family atmosphere where there is just the right blend of truly independent living and quality, individualized care. We believe our residents should be treated with dignity and respect so they are able to maintain their independence and lifestyle.

The personalized care and security at the Cottage will give you and your family peace of mind. We are committed to making choices easy by matching the needs and desires of our resident with the services, be they independent or assisted-living accommodations.


Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Private Transportation
Family Environment
Movie Theater
Gardening Piano
Laundry Service
Homemade Food
Plenty of companionship
20+ years caring for others
10+ years assistant living
Hospice experience
CPR First Aid Training
Med-Aid Training
Crisis Prevention Training
Daily Logs

Contact: Cathy 636-376-4822 

Facility availability

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