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Good questions and comments that we have received about Phoenix Best and assisted living:

Q: We are looking for an assisted living home for my mother in law. She is 72 and in pretty good health but did have a stroke in June that affected her memory a bit. She is able to get around with a walker.

Q: Can you provide me with the rates that you charge? Do you have private rooms and what is your availability like? My mother needs assisted living somewhere in the valley, and doesn't want to be in a large, corporate-feeling facility.

**This is a fair, and good question/comment to pose, which really leads into the discussion of facility size. Some people want to be in the larger, more corporate facilities, where others may be more comfortable in a smaller, residential-type home. Each option has it's own benefits and advantages. - ALD

Q: Do you accept individuals with SMI diagnosis? Also, what is the cost? - Sandra

Q: I am looking for assisted living for my 85 year old husband at the directed care level. He has ALTCS - Mercy Care . Do you have a private room for immediate placement? - Deanne

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Topeka Place Assisted Living Facility in Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona - Phoenix Best Care Home

In addition to spacious bedrooms, there is plenty of room in the common areas where you and your loved one can sit and visit. You can bring in appropriate bedroom furniture and pictures to make their space feel more like home too. The common area furniture is comfortable and inviting, though you may bring a favorite recliner or chair for your loved one.

We are pleased to provide a state of the art 50" Plasma High Definition TV. A new surround sound home theater system makes movie night especially fun! There is also a Wii so your loved one can get some exercise bowling, playing golf, tennis and more.

The spacious backyard has a shaded seating area with a grill for cookouts when the weather permits.

We are happy to provide three nutritious home cooked meals every day as well as morning, afternoon and evening snacks. A wide variety of activities are available to keep them involved, including games, books, magazines, the daily newspaper and other activities.

When it comes to medications, we are prepared to give them as much assistance as they require, from simple reminders to full administration. And perhaps most important, your loved one will have trained and loving staff members with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deal with both the expected and the unexpected needs that arise.

It all adds up to peace of mind for you, your loved one and family. You can carry on with your life, knowing that your loved one is cared for and nurtured when you can't be there. And always available for your call or visit.

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Three nutritious home cooked meals every day
Morning, afternoon and evening snacks
Wide variety of activities
Medication assistance
24 hour staff
A new surround sound home theater system
Nintendo WII™
Comfortable and inviting common areas
& much more!

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