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Petradi Green Diamond Assisted Living Facility in Phoenix / Desert Hills , AZ

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Good questions and comments that we have received about Petradi and assisted living:

Q: I am looking for care for my parents who are in their 80s. My mother has Parkinson's and my Dad who has been her caregiver is currently hospitalized and in need of recovery before going
home. My concern is
that he may not be able to go back to living independently.

Q: My family and I will be moving to Arizona soon and will be bringing my mom who requires assisted living. She is currently on the Medicaid Waiver Program and I would like to know does your facility offer the Medicaid Waiver? Do you know the process for transferring her waiver to AZ?

Q: I have a female ALTCS pending pt looking to be placed ASAP. are you currently able to accept an altcs pending resident? - Kelly

Q: What is the monthly cost, including 3 meals/day for a senior gentleman? - Darryl

Q: My mom is 92 and functions at a high level. She is an artist and eats organically and gluten free. Do you have assisted living facilities that would accommodate her needs? - Brad

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Petradi Assisted Living Facility

Petradi Assisted Living Dining Room

Petradi Assisted Living Back Yard


Living area


Desert Hills / Phoenix, Arizona - Petradi Green Diamond Assisted Living Facility

The Petradi Assisted Living Located at 2210 E. Maddock Rd., Desert Hills, Arizona. 85086

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Petradi is an assisted living facility located in Desert Hills (Phoenix area) Arizona. Petradi provides assisted living and elderly care at all licensed levels including directed care, assisted care, and supervisory care. The live-in staff is trained for short term, long term, rehabilitation, respite and hospice care, and the home is secured for Alzheimer’s patients. Petradi is licensed for five beds and offers private and semi private rooms. Petradi assisted living accepts ALTCS, and provides 24-hour care.

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

24-hour care
The home is secured for Alzheimer’s patients
Live-in staff
One-to-one attention from the staff
Medication management
Specialized needs accommodations (colostomy bag, feeding tubes, etc.)
Transportation arrangements to and from the home as needed
Luxurious home environment
Home visits from a beautician are regularly offered
In-home prayer service is offered weekly
Regular activities are planned and well supervised
Residents are offered 3 full meals and 2 snacks each day
The foods are home cooked, healthy, often organic, and gluten-free diets can be accommodated.

Learn more about Petradi's assisted living services.

(623) 465-2782

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