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Peaceful Living Assisted Living Facility in Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Good questions and comments that we have received about Peaceful Living and assisted living:

Can let me know price and availability? My father passed away and we need to find a place for my mother that would be available and affordable within the next month or so. Do you take EW as payment?

Q: Do you accept Elderly Waiver with UCare?
Do you take people in wheelchairs?
Do you have hospice care?
Do you have any openings at present at Peaceful Living? - Tiffany

Q: Hi Was Trying To Contact Someone About PCA Position And Know If You Were Still Accepting Applications - Sonja

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Q: I have just started looking for a assisted living home for my mother. I am not sure all the questions I need to ask. Are you privately owned? How much is a 1 bedroom. Do you take Medicare? - Cathy

Hi, I am helping an individual who is currently living in a nursing home to find assisted living in St. Paul. I am wondering if you take the CADI Waiver, and if you have any openings or a wait list? Thank you.- Celeste

Q: Hi, I am a new CADI case manager and want to get more information on the various resources in the community. Could you tell me if there is an age restriction for Peaceful Living Assisted living? - Breanna

Q: Is there a waiting list, how big are the bedrooms,what is the age range of the residents? - Cindy

Q: Do you accept Elderly Waiver? - Patricia

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Peaceful Living Assisted Living

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Saint Paul, Minnesota - Happy, Peaceful and at Home - Peaceful Living

Peaceful Living Located at 1000 Reaney Ave, Saint Paul, Minnesota. 55106

Peaceful Living assisted living facility homes are managed by loving and compassionate people who are dedicated to the well-being of each and every resident. We hope that you will consider Peaceful Living as the best option for individuals receiving special care. We are truly passionate about providing a warm and nurturing environment to make all of our residents happy, peaceful and at home.

Our lovely assisted living facility at Reaney Avenue features 10 individual uniquely furnished bedrooms, a private lounge for intimate conversations with visiting friends and family, an art studio in which our residents can enjoy participating in creative arts and crafts projects, and two large kitchens and living areas.

E-mail us directly using the contact form below!

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Daily physical fitness/creative/social/learning and spiritual activities and programs
Laundry services
RN on call 24 hours a day/seven days a week
Three delicious well-balanced meals served daily
Transportation to appointments and clinics
Trained staff available 24 hours a day
Medication set-ups and reminders
Large roll-in showers and grab bars in restrooms
Barber/Beauty services
Elevator and Outdoor ramps

(612) 435-9881

Contact Peaceful Living Directly:

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