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Parkside Estates Assisted Living Facility in Trenton, Michigan

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Good questions and comments that we have received about Parkside Estates and assisted living:

Q: Hello, what is the age limit at your facility? I just turned 55 and am looking for a residence.

Q: Looking for a good second home, perhaps an assisted living environment such as Parkside Estates for my husband who suffers from Alzheimer's. He is 71 and we currently have home health care coming in. He does not sleep much.

Q: Hi. I'm looking for a place for my mother in law, who has Parkinson's. I would like to know if you will accept Medicaid once her own funds are exhausted. Thank you. - Mary

Q: Do you have any openings? And do you accept patients with Dementia - Lori

Q: How many residents and are they male or female or both? Do each have their own bedrooms?

Yes they have private rooms and own lift chairs in common family room. Also have their own place at the dining table. We are co-ed and have 3 females and 2 males. We only take 6 residents in our facility. We have one room available if interested. You can tour the facility at anytime as it has 24 hr awake care.

Greg & Jennifer

Q: does Medicaid/Medicare cover all expenses?
she as them both and is a 62 yo woman who uses a cane and has sun downers so she is pleasantly confused in evenings. do you have an opening? - Ken

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Parkside Estates is a senior living / assisted living facility located in Trenton, Michigan. "...The facility has with spacious bedrooms and a Waterfall pond on the patio."

Parkside Estates Assisted Living

living room

patio area

landscaped area

exterior of facility

bedroom for facility resident

facility interior

room for seniors

dining area for seniors

Trenton, Michigan - Parkside Estates Elegant Senior Living

Parkside Estates is Located in Trenton, MI.

Residence (734) 362-8403 Mobile (313) 549-3311 to schedule a tour and facility overview.

This is a Trenton sprawling ranch in Brenton Park sub with seperated Rec./Dining hall from main room and bedrooms with TV. The facility has with spacious bedrooms and a Waterfall pond on the patio with Mature landscaping that surronds the yard for privacy.

We do accept VA Benefits and our monthly cost is $3800.00 but includes everything but personal items.

E-mail directly: Please use the contact form below

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Seperated Rec./Dining hall
bedrooms with TV
spacious bedrooms
Mature landscaping

Contact - Jennifer Richards office (734) 692-0877

Contact Parkside Estates Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

Facility availability

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