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One MacDonough Place in Middletown, CT

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One MacDonough Place

Autumn at One MacDonough

Middletown, CT - One MacDonough Place

One MacDonough Place offers the warmth of gracious retirement living with four-star health care services.

Residents enjoy private apartments in a warm, friendly, service-rich environment. Included are three meals served each day in the elegant dining room, transportation, social, spiritual, and cultural activities, 24-hour health care, and a convenient downtown location directly across from Middlesex Hospital. Short-term stays for recovery or vacation are also available on a daily rental basis.

Please call 860-358-5802 or visit for more information.

Thank you for your interest in our community.

One MacDonough is a non-profit assisted living community owned by Middlesex Hospital. It represents the hospital’s continued commitment to serving older adults, their families, and the community by extending its continuum of care. Here, residents are able to live independently in their own apartments while receiving just the right amount of care they need to remain independent.

In addition to living in a comfortable, secure home, residents enjoy three delicious meals served each day in our gracious dining room, a variety of social and recreational programs, transportation, and light housekeeping. We offer 24-hour care in conjunction with a wellness program.

The monthly fee includes most of your daily needs including up to 50 minutes of personal care each day. You can find more information by visiting our web site at or by calling (860) 358-5802.

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