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Oasis Faith Based Assisted Living Facility in Tucson, Arizona

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Good questions and comments that we have received about Oasis and assisted living:

I may be interested in placing my elderly father in your facility. Can you tell me:
• How long have you been open?
• How many residents do you have?
• What is the average age of your residents?
• What is your staff to resident ratio?
• Is there a waiting list for residency?
• Does each resident have an individual apartment or is it group living?
• Do resident have access to religious services?

Thank you in advance for this information.

Q: Do you accept VA Housebound benefits? I am inquiring on behalf of my parents who are in need of immediate placement. My step-father is in VA hospital and cannot be released to my mother unless she has help.

Q: I am looking for an ALTCS eligible assisted living home for my mom and dad that will accept private pay for the fist year or so. - Elia

Q: Looking for a place for my 90 year old mom. She is recovering from losing her husband of 51 years. She is currently at another facility in independent living but is needing more help. Exploring other possibilities. We live off of Tangerine and La Cholla and your location would be perfect. - April

Q: Are pets allowed? My friend is relatively young (68) with MD, but has 2 small elderly dogs. She can no longer live on her own, but refuses to give up her pets. - Susan

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Oasis Assisted Living


Living Area



Tucson, Arizona - Oasis - Faith based facility - Intimate home setting

Oasis offers personalized assisted living services to individuals desiring an intimate home setting. It is our desire to enhance the quality of life for all those that call us home while honoring our residents by preserving their individual dignity and privacy.

Oasis believes in a holistic God centered approach with an understanding that true health is not just about the body but that it encompasses the whole being (body, mind, emotions and spirit.) We will always be committed to caring for the entire individual as we develop our service plans in collaboration with you, your family and your doctor.

Oasis will always place the needs of residents over the needs of our facility. We know that in order for you to experience the difference, we have to be different. You are important and vital to the Oasis family.

14215 N Skyhawk, Tucson AZ 85755
p. 520.877.8077 x120
f. 520.544.5155
e-mail: please use the contact form below

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

24 hour on-site staff
Three home cooked meals w/modified diets
Personal laundry service
Assistance with personal hygiene - bathing and dressing
Health monitoring
Scheduled transportation
Daily activities
Swimming pool
Five acre campus teaming with wildlife
Beautiful Desert Landscaping
Fruit trees
Koi pond with fish and turtles

Contact Oasis Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

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