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New Dawn Assisted Living Facility in Aurora, Colorado

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Interesting questions and comments that we have received about New Dawn and assisted living:

Since New Dawn is assisted living, do the residents have their own space which is like their own apartment? Also do you accept Medicaid and Medicare, and what is the monthly fee for a resident to live in your facility?

Q: Does the facility have individual apartments? Is the facility Kaiser Permanente approved and does this insurance help pay for care? - Paul

Q: I remember you have 3 cottages for the different dementia levels - is one a skilled nursing level and do you have necessary staff is a person requires someone 24/7 - Patricia

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New Dawn Memory Care

Aurora Colorado Facility interior


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Aurora, Colorado - New Dawn Memory Care of Aurora

New Dawn Memory Care Located at 2000 S. Blackhawk St., Aurora, Colorado. 80014

New Dawn Memory Care offers peace of mind!
Care for individuals with memory impairment, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, is our sole focus. We specialize in caring for individuals throughout all stages of memory loss. We do more than just create good days; we work with our residents and families to fight the progression of dementia and related disorders through proper health care oversight, nutrition, and memory enhancing activities. Our specially designed and secure buildings, on-site nurses, and experienced staff provide you with the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. And don’t worry, we know how to work with and soothe individuals with challenging symptoms. Our experienced management speaks for itself.

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The leaders of New Dawn have been caring for older adults for more than 30 years. Our CEO and founder, David Daumit, founded and ran the first designated specialty care dementia homes in the US and was the first provider to be named to the Board of the Alzheimer’s Association. Catherine Asplen has managed assisted living and long term care communities for some of the most successful senior housing groups in the country. David and Catherine consider caring for the elderly their life’s work, and both consider themselves advocates for seniors and their families.
Finding a better way to serve individuals with dementia and their loved ones is the driving force behind New Dawn Memory Care. We believe that once you experience a New Dawn community, you will understand the difference.

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

ementia and Alzheimer’s care
Memory enhancing activities
Experienced staff
Specially designed and secure buildings
On-site nurses
Health care oversight; nutrition
& much more!


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