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Lanyard Manor Assisted Living Assisted Living Facility in DeBary, Florida

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Interesting questions asked by our visitors about Lanyard Manor and assisted living:

I was wondering about two things. First off, My father is disabled and so is my sister. She is 20 and has health issues that are steering her toward needing full-time care. He is elderly and faced with the problems that old age brings. My mother is with them. She is not disabled, but is in her 50's and not physically strong enough to give the attention that the two of them need. I was wanting to find out if you offer a situation where the three of them could live there together and have my father and sister receive the attention they need. If this is an option, I would love to hear more about your Lanyard Manor.

My mother has recently been diagnosed with early stage dementia, is this facility equipped to handle this type of patient. She lives in DeBary, I live another part of Florida, too far away to check on her all of the time.

Q: Can you handle Parkinson's patients at Lanyard Manor? How much do I need to afford for my dad? Lezley

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Luxury Assisted Living

Living Room Facility

Swimming Pool


Dining Room

DeBary, Florida - Luxury Residential Assisted Living Facility

Luxury Residential Assisted Living Facility
Greg Hopcraft, Administrator
520 Lanyard Lane
DeBary, FL 32713
386-668-3674 or 866-318-ALFS(2537)

Lanyard Manor is a luxury residential Assisted Living with a maximum of six beds. We believe the home environment to be a more comfortable setting for your loved ones to enjoy their twilight years with all of the amenities and activities you would expect from the larger, institutional facility.

Lanyard Manor is located in DeBary, Florida just ½ mile from Florida Hospital and just minutes from all areas of medical services.. Lanyard Manor is a spacious, luxury home with high ceilings, oversized bedrooms, family room with a dining table and a fireplace overlooking the pool and lanai, formal dining room, and living room.

Please visit our website at

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Physically safe environment

Assistance with activities of daily living such as:
Medication administration
Recreational activities and arrangements for transportation

Contact Luxury Residential Directly:

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