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Legacy House Assisted Living Facility in La Verne, California

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Great questions and comments we have received about Legacy House:

Q: Hello, My father has alzheimers. He is ambulatory but needs assistance with dressing and hygiene. He is living in a similar facility close by which is closing so we need to find a new home for him. Do you have any openings and if not can you refer me to a similar facility in the area? Thanks. Kim

Q: If my family member is in your care, am I able to come to the home, unannounced at almost any time, to visit with and check on her? What is the current cost of having someone, with dementia, stay at your facility? Please contact by email only. - Luanne

Q: Hello I was wondering if you except MediCal insurance. We have a limited budget per month (from SSI) and would like to find my 59 year old father a home in the next few weeks. Hope to hear from you! - Danny

Q: Hello,
We are interested in receiving info regarding your facility and pricing for the same. We are looking for an assisted living facility for my wife's mother, which accepts medicaid, her income is approximately $1200/mo. Please advise, - Ronny

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Legacy House assisted living home in La Verne -exterior view


La Verne, California - Your Legacy is Our Legacy

Legacy House La Verne is a private home with a dedicated caring and well trained staff. We are close to shopping, restaurants, emergency services, entertainment and more. Home is furnished with ramps and hand rails, security system, pendants, intercoms, emergency lights and safety equipment, our resident’s safety is our top priority.

Legacy House Located at 1500 3rd St, La Verne, CA. 91750
Phone: 909-762-9986

La Verne California 197608271

E-mail us directly below!

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Legacy House La Verne offers a wide range of plans, each tailored to meet your needs,

Vital signs monitoring
Assistance with mobility
Grooming assistance
Hygiene support and monitoring
incontinence care
Dementia Care
memory therapy
Hospice care for terminal illness
Monitoring and passing of medications
Exercise and stretching
Assisting with Activities of Daily living
Range of Motion Exercises
Special Diet needs
Many other services offered as well

Contact Legacy House Directly:

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