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Landmark of Longwood Assisted Living Facility in Boston, Massachusetts

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Landmark Senior Living

Landmark Assisted Living Facility in Boston, MA

Boston, Massachusetts - Landmark at Longwood - A Wonderfully Vibrant, Diverse, and Intergenerational Community

Landmark at Longwood Assisted Living Facility is a wonderfully vibrant, diverse, and intergenerational community who strives to promote independence and the greatest quality of life.
Located at the former Baptist School of Nursing’s Haskell House, Landmark at Longwood is an effervescent Assisted Living Community, who successfully thrives upon a supportive environment that fosters and encourages our residents to live healthy and active lifestyles.

We proudly provide an affordable assisted living setting to anyone who is clinically and financially qualified.
If you would like to stop by for a tour or would like to receive more information about Landmark at Longwood, please contact Meggie at 617-975-0110 x104.

Landmark Senior Living Community at Longwood
63 Parker Hill Avenue
Boston, MA 02120

Financially offering:
Private Pay
PACE,Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC)
Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA)
Senior Whole Health (SWH)



Besides 24/7 nursing assistant care, our residents receive additional on-site services such as:

Physical and Occupational Therapy
Medication Management
Adult Day Center
Boston University’s Geriatric Home Services
Three Restaurant-style meals
Game Room
And many more.

Situated on top of Mission Hill, our residents have direct access to:
Numerous religious affiliations
Cultural communities
Medical facilities are only a short distance away
Historical Endeavors
Spectacular views of the City of Boston and her surrounding neighborhoods


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