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Lakeside Park Memory Care Assisted Living Facility in Oakland, California

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As with most major cities, the City of Oakland assists and supports it's seniors in a number of tangible and meaningful ways.

We took a look at the City of Oakland's website, and very quickly, using it's search feature, found the Department of Human Services section, which features a sub-section for it's Aging and Adult Services division, which 'provides programs for seniors, as well as for adults and persons with disabilities and their families.'

Most city-specific senior programs, and agencies on aging exist to help seniors remain as independent as possible, and at home, if that is attainable. However, folks living in assisted living facilities, like Lakeside Park, can still benefit greatly from many of the offerings that these agencies and programs offer. In addition, families caring for aging loved ones can also tap into city resources to find caregiving assistance, adult day care programs, volunteer opportunities, and much more.


One of the things that stood out to us about Lakeside Park assisted living is it's location, and what it has to offer 'beyond' the facility!

When seniors and individuals are looking into, and researching different assisted living facilities, what the facility has to offer 'internally' can take center stage. Naturally, those things are incredibly important - things like what services and levels of care are offered, what the resident-to-staff ratio is, what the meal services are like, etc. However, what the facility has to offer beyond the front doors is important too.

Lakeside Park is a great example of a facility that offers some great things nearby for it's residents to enjoy. The facility is located next to a beautiful lake, and adjacent to a park with plenty of walking trails, green space, and natural beauty. This lake is 'crowned with lights' and is a unique, fresh and saltwater lake situated in an urban environment. Seniors at Lakeside Park can take in the offerings of this park without much trouble or travel!

Not much further beyond Lake Merrit, and Lakeside Park assisted living is the City of San Francisco, which, as most of us know, offers plenty of dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities for anyone, including seniors living at Lakeside Park!

It is important to look 'beyond the facility' when doing research to see what is offered close by. Most assisted living facilities offer robust activity programs which include day trips. Being close to interesting attractions and destinations can cut down on travel time and expense!

Q: Are you able to provide care for someone with advanced Parkinsons Disease. he is 81- Paula

Q: I have two elderly parents (my mother is 89 and my father is 94), both of whom have dementia which is well managed with medication. My mother is frail, and requires assistance with moving around in her home. My father is in great physical condition, and uses a cane. My parents currently live in their home with 24 hour care, but I am looking at other options at this time. My two brothers and I are very involved in my parents' care. I live in SF and work as a social worker. I would appreciate any information that you can provide me regarding your memory care program. I heard about your program from someone whose father resides at Lakeside Park, and who speaks highly of your residence. - Karla

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On this page: direct and safe Contact This Facility Directly!

Lakeside Park Assisted Living Facility in Oakland is an assisted living facility that can care for 70 residents.

The facility interior at Lakeside Park is beautiful, comfortable and safe!

Our wonderful and landscaped exterior brings beauty and Curb Appeal to Lakeside Park

Of course, our senior residents may have fun here too!

The caring staff of Lakeside Park


Oakland, California - Lakeside Park Memory Care

Facility information and photos were provided directly by Lakeside Park, and they may be contacted directly on this page!

E-mail us directly using the contact form below!

Lakeside Park is a memory care facility in Oakland, CA, that provides dementia care plans and Alzheimers help to senior citizens in Berkeley and the entire SF East Bay Area. Seniors living with dementia have a caring place to call home. We are a nationally recognized elder community providing the highest level of assisted living for elders. Our specialized elder care facility focuses on early onset dementia and Alzheimers Disease. We offer incontinence care and medication management. Website

Lakeside Park Memory Care Located at 468 Perkins St, Oakland, CA. 94610

Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

Lakeside Park Memory Care's Specialized Behavioral and Emotional Care Program is based on a non-pathological view of creating therapeutic environments.

Alzheimer's and dementia program

Our Hospice Care program allows us to coordinate care with MediCare-certified hospice providers to support residents who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Care and Assisted Living

Our Care and Assisted Living program is rooted in a holistic and comprehensive approach to care that supports different activities of daily living at different levels of needs; from cueing and general assistance to more involved care needs such as incontinence and two-person transfers.

Contact Lakeside Park Memory Care Directly!

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