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Haven of Grace Assisted Living Facility in Chandler, Arizona

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Great questions asked by our visitors about Haven of Grace assisted living:

Q: Is your facility equivalent to a "group home" for seniors? My mother is 91 and beginning to fail physically and mentally. She needs a little more supervision than another facility in Chandler is offering her now. What is your cost break-down?

Q: I have a client that needs to get into assisted living as soon as possible. The is interested in Haven of Grace as her choice for long-term care. She receives $850 monthly and is on Medicare. Does she qualify for your program?

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Haven of Grace is a residential assisted living facility located in Chandler Arizona. We offer activities such as gardening, bingo and other activities. Our facility offers three levels of care, and we strive for integrity and compassion.

Haven of Grace Assisted Living Facility

Chandler, Arizona assisted living

Chandler, Arizona - Welcome to our home The Haven Of Grace

Our Mission of Statement

Haven of Grace Assisted Living a home away from your love ones home. We commit to give a loving care and daily living assistance with integrity and compassion in a Christian home environment.

We motivate our residents to be independent be active both physically and mentally by having activities cater to individual capabilities.

We have devotion to nurture our spirit too. As saying goes a “person with a healthy spirit has a healthy mind and soul“.

We strive to be competitive to others. Our skilled and certified staff has to undergo background check and continuing education to better serve your love one.

We thank you for your interest and for choosing Haven of Grace Assisted living.


List of Activities

Social hour/Devotion
Light Exercise
Keyboard is available too

List of Services

Three Levels of Care Provided
Home cooked meal
Housekeeping Services

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