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Harmony House Assisted Living Facility in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

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Great questions and comments by our visitors about Harmony House assisted living:

My mother is currently living in Eagle at the senior center. She is able bodied but experiencing the apparent aging deterioration of her body. She is 75 years old, can drive and is active in the senior community. She needs help in a number of aspects, and becoming more active in her own healing process and diet & nutrition. I would also like to know how long is your wait list (if present) at Harmony House and how much she would pay monthly. Currently she is paying way too much based on no income. She only receives SS & my deceased father's pension.

Q: I am beginning to look at a new home for myself. I am 64, this month, a Veteran, on SSDI. I am looking for an independent living facility. I am a second generation CO native, and my roots are in the Roaring Fork Valley. I need to know if Harmony House has experience in helping Vets get the assisted living pension to help pay for the costs. I need to know the costs. Please! - Jack

***Paying for assisted living is one of the top concerns, and questions that we receive to our site, and one of the most confusing topics for most families. - ALD

Q: I am currently looking for an assisted living facility for my mother. She currently lives at the Manor 2 in Glenwood. She is in need of reminder meds as well as cooking meals.Please let me know if you have a suggestion what is available. Thank you. Also she is on Medicaid. - Stacy

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Harmony House Logo

Glenwood Springs Facility

living area

exterior of facility

living room for seniors

Glenwood Springs Harmony House

E-mail Harmony House directly using the contact form below!

Our Goal is to Provide a holistic approach to aging, and rehabilitation. Harmony House opened in May 2007 and is a new option for people in the Roaring Fork Valley who need assistance with all aspects of activities of daily living. Our focus is on promoting independence, continual meaningful activities and community Integration. Harmony House is an assisted living establishment that will provide a high level of care and assistance. Our owner is an occupational therapist, we employ professional staff which includes a full time registered nurse & certified nursing assistants.

Harmony House Located at 1045 PARK WEST DR., Glenwood Springs, Colorado. 81601
ALF License # 230232


Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

holistic approach
assistance with all aspects of activities of daily living
high level of care and assistance
full time registered nurse
certified nursing assistants

Call Directly: 970.404.0551

Contact Harmony House Directly:

By using this form, your personal information will be delivered directly to the facility. Your privacy matters!

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