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Grace Morgan House Assisted Living Facility in Methuen, Massachusetts

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Great question asked by our site visitors about Grace Morgan House Assisted Living:

My husband has Frontal Lobe Dementia. I am looking for affordable assisted living accommodations for him. He is able to care for himself, bathing, dressing, etc. Needs assistance with taking his medication. Could you tell me what are the costs for your facility?

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Grace Morgan Methuen MA

Grace Morgan House Assisted Living Patio

Happy Residents

Dining Room

Methuen, MA - Grace Morgan House Assisted Living

Grace Morgan House Located at 489 Prospect Street, Methuen, Massachusetts. 01844

Direct Phone: (978) 682 4324

The Grace Morgan House is a 25 Resident, independently owned and operated assisted living residence located in Methuen, Massachusetts. Our population is evenly divided between private pay Residents and Residents whose stay is paid for by Medicaid. Many of the residents here find out about us by word of mouth. Our philosophy is to do whatever is necessary to make an individual happy, safe and comfortable

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Services and amenities include, but not limited to:

24 hour awake staffing, emergency response and security systems
Health monitoring, health assessments and care planning by our registered nurse
A Licensed Social Worker and Activities Director on staff
Weekly shopping trips
Regular group outings
Transportation assistance
Three delicious home-cooked meals per day with 24-hour access to the kitchen
All housekeeping and laundry services
Regular live entertainment
All utilities (except cable and telephone service in the apartment)
All personal care services
Escort to and from common areas
A comprehensive medication management program
Recreational programs
Social programs
Wellness programs
& Much more!


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