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Golden Acre Residential Care Assisted Living Facility in Ypsilanti, Michigan

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Great questions that we have received about Golden Acre - and assisted living that can serve as examples of the types (and thoroughness) of questions that you might consider asking potential facilities:

Your facility looks beautiful! I am wondering what the price is per month? My mother is currently in Hartland Rehab in Ypsi. She is projected to leave there mid-to-late August. Do you think you will have openings then?

Hi, My 84 year-old grandmother is going to be moving back to Michigan in the next couple of weeks following a stroke. She can no longer live on her own and requires assistance getting up and getting to the bathroom. She can do the rest on her own at this time. She needs a warm, welcoming facility that will tend to her needs and provide a safe, caring environment. Are you accepting new clients at this time? Please let me know.

Mom is currently at Brookhaven, but following several hospitalizations is receiving 24 hr supervision by Innovations. She is fully mentally aware (minimal dementia) but is a severe fall risk, age 94. She can walk (with a walker) but transfers require assistance due to sudden drops in blood pressure that cause her to lose her balance. Can you handle her? How?

Hello! We are looking for a place for my parents. He has Parkinson's and Diabetes, and mom is getting very forgetful. Can your facility help them? Also, do you take Medicare patients?

Hello, My 94-yr-old dad is at Summerville in Brighton and has just begun wandering. He is ambulatory, but incontinent. Is he the type of resident you care for? Do you have any openings or a waiting list?

My mom has Alzheimer's and requires 24 hour care. What is your rates?

I am looking for an AFC home for a gentleman that is currently residing in a nursing home in Ann Arbor. He needs a structured setting and assistance/reminders to take his medication.

I am currently in the process of bring my father from out of state, and want to find a facility to place him around June 1st. I would also like to see your facility.

My father is advancing to a point where he can no longer live alone in his senior apt bldg. He uses a scooter to get around and has very limited use of his legs. Can you tell me what the cost is for your facility, and if/when you have openings?

Q: Could you please send me a complete monthly cost breakdown for an elderly family member? What extra services are the family responsible for? Thank you

A: Our cost start at $2500 a month based on the amount if care is required. That includes all care, meals, housekeeping etc. We do not charge added fees. The only thing that is not included is medication, medical
Supplies, diapers etc.
At this time. We have one vacancy (Answer from Golden Acre)

Do you accept individuals with low income under $900 monthly?

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Golden Acre Assisted Living


seniors area


lovely back yard for facility


Ypsilanti, Michigan - Family Owned and Operated Senior Group Home

We are a family owned and operated group home located in Ypsilanti on a beautiful 1 acre lot. We strive to provide the best quality of care while also promoting the independence of the resident. We look forward to hearing from you about yourself or your loved one.

Golden Acre Residential Care Located at 8253 Stoneham Dr., YPSILANTI, MI. 48197
Phone: 734-620-3895

We are a 5 bedroom 2 bathroom facility on 1 acre. We are handicap accessible and provide all meals, activities, housekeeping and 24 hour nursing care.
Laura Sarrach Phone 734 620 3895


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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

5 bedroom 2 bathroom facility
on 1 acre
handicap accessible
all meals provided
24 hour nursing care

Contact Golden Acre Directly:

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Facility availability

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