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Gingerbread Manor Assisted Living Facility in Clio, Michigan

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Great questions and comments that we have received about Gingerbread Manor - and assisted living that can serve as examples of the types (and thoroughness) of questions that you might consider asking potential facilities:

What is the monthly cost for an individual. Is your foster care home for males or females?

Our mother is 86 and very healthy with some dementia. She needs to be in a country setting where she can be free (and safe) to walk around. And who takes Medicaid.

Wondering if you have any openings for 84 yr. old ambulatory woman w/possible Alzheimer's dx. - although doing pretty well right now. Not private pay - would be Medicare or Medicaid- whichever that is.

My name is Ann with Senior Companion Program in Genesee & Lapeer Co. We have a senior volunteer in your area that has expressed a desire to volunteer at a local AFC home. We were wondering if you have any residence that might enjoy a visit on a weekly basis. We are a non-profit organization that assists senior volunteers to remain active in their communities. Please contact me if you might be interested.

I have a very high functioning 18 year old (November 10) daughter we are trying to place. She is mentally challenged, and should not be around children. We have a newborn Grandson and she does not do good with him.

What is your daily/monthly rate. Do you have any openings?

Are you accepting any new residents right now? And if you are I was wondering if I might be able to set up a time to come by and check out Gingerbread Manor assisted living?

I am seeking immediate low-income assisted living housing for my Dad. Can you help me?

***When asking a question about cost, we recommend offering the facility any information about insurance, benefits, or other payment details that may help them to make a more informed reply! - ALD

Q: I have a 32 year old daughter that I am looking for AFC. She is considered needing a mental health type of group home. She does very well on meds. She needs assistance with some things. I am looking for a place where she can feel comfortable and also have transportation to most places. With her young age, I am looking for a home that at least as a resident close to her age. She is on SSI. - Suzanne

Q: Would this be an appropriate setting for a 90 year old women with mild- to moderate Alzheimers? She is very mobile and healthy. Needs help with self-care especially in terms of incontinence and proper bathing. Do all your residents share the same room? - Nancy

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Gingerbread Manor

Assisted Living Facility in Clio


living area


Clio, Michigan - Gingerbread Manor Adult Foster Care ~Family Home~

Gingerbread Manor Adult Foster Care
14164 N. Clio Road
Clio, MI 48420

E-mail us directly using the contact form below!

We are a Licensed AFC Family Home located mid way between Flint and Saginaw in Clio, Michigan. We are just up the road from Frankenmuth. We will provide 24 hour Personal Care, Protection, and Supervision for up to 4 Ambulatory Residents. Private living quarters separated from Licensee so you have your own space and privacy when you need it. We are on a 17 acre farm setting with a Pond and Horses. 3 Home Cooked Meals and Snacks served daily. Cable TV, Sleeping Quarters are upstairs with Restroom on each Floor, and Transportation available. There is plenty of room for Exercise to Walk, ride a bike, or just relax on our wrap around County Porch!

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

24 hour Personal Care, Protection, and Supervision for up to 4 Ambulatory Residents
On a 17 acre farm setting with a Pond and Horses
3 Home Cooked Meals and Snacks served daily
Cable TV
Transportation available

(810) 687-2205

Contact Gingerbread Manor Directly:

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