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Assisted Living Directory iconThis section of Assisted Living Directory has been created to offer a helpful place to begin your research into the many assisted living facility options in the Fullerton area. The facilities on this page

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Fullerton is, at this time, estimated to have 137,183 residents. Of this population, 11.7% are considered 'seniors' or are 65+. This percentage is slightly higher than the California state average of 11.4% (Source: U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts for Fullerton). We know that, as with most areas of the US, the population of seniors and retirees will continue to grow at a steady pace, and the need for adequate senior care and available beds will also grow.

Help for Seniors, Families and Caregivers in Fullerton:

Fullerton, located in the northern part of Orange County, is under the umbrella of care, services and support of the Orange County Office on Aging, which works on behalf of all older persons residing in Fullerton and the "OC." The Office on Aging offers numerous "how to" sections relevant to anything from Applying for Medi-Cal, to Filing an Elder Abuse report, to finding an adult service provider such as Adult Day Care, or even a residential care facility.

Additionally, the City of Fullerton offers a robust list of activities, learning opportunities, and programs through their Senior Multi-Service Center. Intro by

Fullerton Assisted Living: Featured Facilities & Services

Sunnycrest is a unique retirement and assisted living faclity that has been in operation for more than 20 years.

Fullerton, California - Sunnycrest Senior Living- Independent& Assisted Living

It takes only one visit to see why Sunnycrest is the best kept secret in Orange County. Sunnycrest is unique from all other facilities because we have the very best location and are a rare family-owned-and-operated Retirement and Assisted Living facility. We are located in Fullerton just blocks from St. Jude’s Hospital, the premiere hospital in Orange County. Sunnycrest is run by the Slomovic family, with 40 years of Elder Care experience, who originally founded Sunnycrest in 1988.

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A lovely guest home facility in Fullerton!

Fullerton, California - A Wonderful Guest Home

Cora Velasco, R.N., B.S.N., E.T. has extensive training for both acute and chronic conditions. She has experience with orthopedic patients, heart patients and other medical conditions. She is an enterostomal nurse specializing in ostomy and wounds, a home health and hospice nurse.

More Information
& Contact Concordia Guest Homes Directly!

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Providing full-service dining, housekeeping, scheduled transportation, emergency call system and much more! Call: 1-800-803-7597

Additional Senior Care Options for Fullerton

Fullerton Rosewood Assisted Living
411 East Commonwealth Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832
Ph: 714-441-0644
Residential Care, Assisted Living
Licensed Beds: 99

Richman Gardens
317 North Richman Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832
Ph: 714-526-5611
Residential Care, Assisted Living
Licensed Beds: 26

Agape Cottage
864 North Ford Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832
Ph: 949-394-8708
Residential Care, Assisted Living, Hospice and can take Bedridden Residents
Licensed Beds: 6

A1 Residential Care for the Elderly
513 North Cornell Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92831
Ph: 714-773-5297
Licensed Beds: 6

Palm Retirement Center
312 North Roosevelt Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832
Ph: 714-870-8122
Licsnsed Beds: 144

ARC Facility at Richman
1037 Richman Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92835
Ph: 714-870-5820
Residential Care, Assisted Living
Licensed Beds: 6

Tip: Assisted Living Directory always strives to promote other sites that provide further, and trustworthy information relevant to senior care. One such site is which offers a thorough database of senior care providers in Fullerton, and throughout California. This site also offers ratings on many of the facilities, including licensing information. Facilities may be filtered to show only providers that accept Medi-Cal!

Additionally, we recommend viewing our video tutorial on finding care in California using trusted sources and data!

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Assisted Living Facilities & Senior Care in Fullerton, California (CA)

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